The Best Ways To Clean Clothes And Make Them White With No Bleach And Chemicals. Easy, Cheap, DIY!

Just dissolve the gunk and stains of white clothes in aspirin! To have clean clothes color, avoid the colored pills. Just do this: dissolve 5 pills in water and soak the clothes. Then, put them in washing machine to clean properly as usual.

Lemon juice for clean clothes

Method no. 1

Add lemon juice, 1 cup in the rinse for the clothes in the machine

Method no.2

Put the whites in basin of hot water and add the lemon juice inside the water to soak overnight. Take out the clothes and in the morning wash them as usual.

Dish washing- whiten the clothes with a chemical free ecological detergent. Wash them as usual and before that add 1 cup in the detergent. Use the ones with no chlorine and phosphate.

Distilled white vinegar use- get 1 cup of this vinegar and put in the detergent. For example, you can also spray it on stains and during drying, the odor is removing.

Hydrogen peroxide- since it has many uses, this hydrogen (3%) is used for every type of cleaning. Add 1 cup in the non-chlorine bleach for the laundry detergent and wash.

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