Essential Oils For Belly Fat – How They’re Used

Great diets and workouts are the best ever options for health and slim body, but also physiological and psychological factors influence this too. Everyone that struggled with weight knows the struggle of mind and body and their opposite aims. Everything is unique and differentiates; hormones, emotions, environment, brain chemicals and genes. Sadly for many of us, diets and workouts are not always working and some other change is needed.

Help of essential oils

They were used as cures for 6.000 years and were praised for healing benefits. An oil is a hydrophobic liquid with highly dense aromas and items coming from roots, fruits, plant leaves, seeds, flowers and other.

Indians, Greeks, Egyptians, Chinese, and Romans have all used them for medicine aims, cosmetics and beauty, spirituality too and for up to a millennium, yet modern practices has been changed to also saying more about the psychological benefits of the oils with great results.

For example, aromatherapy is making parts of the brain better by impacting emotions, mental state and physical wellbeing. Our nose can detect trillion smells with our olfactory glands that instantly signal the brain’s amygdala and hippocampus (center of emotions and memory). To inhale such particles and smell makes the brain regions control blood pressure, heart speed rate, stress, attention, pleasure, learning and motivation.

Also essential oils and aromatherapy are good for anxiety and hormone imbalance curing. Of course, diets and workout is the best but, this affects the psychophysiological state.

If you eat due to emotions, or have diet fatigue, lack of motivation, bad metabolism, craving, no energy, bad digestion or depression – the oils will become a part in your regime to help you lose weight.

The 6 best diet essential oils

  1. Grapefruit oil- it disinfects and is antiseptic also sweet and sour and has amazing smell. Benefit: stops cravings, speeds metabolism, gives energy and reduces fat storing. Why is good: it has inside nootkatone, a natural chemical. This chemical makes the enzyme AMPK level our energy and metabolism. If we have nootkatone in the system, the AMPK speeds up the brain, liver and skeletal functions. Some studies have proved that AMPK and nootkatone relations make us endure more, lose weight and slim down and be better at sports.

Another lab study on rats involved them being exposed to this oil for 15 minutes.  They had less cravings and lost weight. Also the limonene the first component in grapefruit reduces fat tissues and breaks down proteins.

  1. Lemon oil- the lemon oil is the best smell for any problem. Benefit: stops weight gain, improves mood, gives energy, removes pain. Lemons have fat losing benefits due to the limonene. It adds up to the grapefruit studies above and just like grapefruit, it increases lipolysis.

As it improves mood, it removes negative emotions. It increases norepinephrine levels and oxygen levels in the brain for good cognitive work and speeds heart work and blood flow to the muscles.

The aching muscles stop you from doing workouts and this oil will remove that pain.

  1. Peppermint oil- fresh, minty aroma that cools off and soothes mood. Benefit: better energy, mental clarity, good mood, good digestion and less appetite. Why is good: it has 70% menthol and it was used as digestion cure for centuries back. This oil relaxes muscles and with caraway oil together it soothes the belly, bloating issues and bile flow. Also, makes food pass quicker inside.

There was an experiment with mint oil opposed to ylang ylang and experts said that volunteers who inhaled mint were more focused, had good memory and were more relaxed.

This oil also stops abnormal appetite. In a study of 2008 in the Effects of Peppermint Scent on Appetite Control and Caloric Intake, the people involved inhaled this oil every 2 hours to suppress hunger and eat less.

  1. Cinnamon oil- it is from the bark of leaves of Cinnamomum tree and it gives warm and woody aroma. Benefit: better insulin leveling, regulation in blood sugar, less inflammation. Why is good: the insulin hormone is crucial for the carb processing and fat too, since it works for the absorbing of blood sugar either as fat storage or energy use. If the body cells stop interacting with insulin, we get insulin resistance and the body stores fat instead of using it as energy. Then we gain weight. This high sugar level leads to diabetes 2. The cinnamon improves insulin issues and increases blood sugar uptake. Even 25% of Americans have metabolic syndrome problems that create glucose tolerance , obesity, insulin resistance, high pressure, high sugar in blood and cholesterol.
    Some inflammation cells in the body fat of obese people have been pinpointed; the cinnamon inhibits production of such molecules that stop weight gin.
  2. Bergamot oil- this aroma is like an orange, sweet and tangy, and spicy smell. Benefit: better mood and more energy. Why is good: depression and anxiety make us eat out of emotions and thus we feel better for the moment but after that we feel guilty.
    This oil stops that and a study has showed 15 min bergamot aromatherapy is great. The participants reported good emotions and more energy, and the experts said this oil benefits the well being.
    To see the stress objectively, they took samples of saliva and tested them for the stress hormone cortisol – released when we are tense. Those that inhaled bergamot had lower cortisol and ate less.
  3. Fennel oil- earthy smell and sweet aroma. Benefits: better digestion, less weight gain, less cravings and more sleep. Why is good: it is a source for melatonin, the hormone that gives good sleep and makes the brain work properly to these sleep patterns. Also, it stops weight gain and cravings and produces more ‘beige fat’ the one that is used as energy compared to the white fat, stored as fat tissue.
    In middle ages period, the fennel seed was used to stop cravings during fasting. This was also of interest for studies while the oil was given to rats. After 8 weeks, the rats who inhaled this oil, 2 times daily for 10 minutes, ate less calories and had faster digestion.

Some other oils to consider:

The aromatherapy has been used as cure for centuries and still the experts have not examined all the best benefits of it. There are studies still even now examining the benefits and we have yet to know more about this great natural product.

For the time being, other oils are also great to consider. The suggestions for weigh loss are these:

  • Tangerine
  • Spearmint
  • Cloves
  • Ginger root
  • Lemongrass
  • Sandalwood
  • Orange
  • Rosemary
  • Patchouli
  • Juniper berry
  • Celery seed
  • Cypress
  • Laurel
  • Mandarin
  • Eucalyptus
  • Hyssop
  • Lavender
  • Rose geranium
  • Ototea
  • Jasmine

How to use essential oils for fat loss – 5 ways to do so

Since such oils are concentrated and dense , you have to remember the precautions.

To inhale them is not risky for aromatherapy. But for topical use, they must be diluted. Usually with carrier oil. To avoid allergies, do a small test on a tiny skin area. If it is ok after a full day, then use on the body too.

Also remember some oils, like citrus fruits are phototoxic which means, when applied on skin, you MUST NOT expose to sun during those 12-18 hours.

  • Keep the oil bottle under the nose and inhale for few minutes
  • Use aromatherapy diffusing devices for a room of nice smell
  • Add a few oil drops to a bath water and soak for 30 minutes
  • Dilute the oil and use for massage on crucial fat or blood flow spots.

DIY home blends of oils for weight loss

To mix oils is fun and useful, you can play with favorite smells and have all the benefits. There are affirmed good recipes for overall well-being, so read more below.

  • Fat loss massage- mix a cup almond oil and 5 drops lemon, grapefruit and cypress oil each
  • For cellulite- 10 drops grapefruit, 5 rosemary, and 2 peppermint, cypress and ginger each. Blend with carrier oil and apply.
  • Rejuvenate bath- 5 drops each; ginger, orange, grapefruit, lemon and sandalwood.
  • Suppress appetite- mix 40 drops mandarin, 20 lemon, 12 ginger and 12 mint and add to diffuser.
  • Boost metabolism- make a bath and add 2 tbsp jojoba oil, 10 drops rosemary, 10 cypress and 8 grapefruit oil.
  • Curb cravings- mix ½ cup olive oil and 80 drops fennel, 40 bergamot, 24 patchouli and rub the belly.

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