7 Definite Signs Your Boyfriend Is Completely In love With You!

1. He Treats You As The Most Important Person

You are at the top of his list and you are the main person on his mind, plus he tries to keep contact until you get to see you. Whenever he has to bring some important decisions he thinks of you before deciding and also pays attention in performing the things you like to do. When he talks, he says “we” and not “I”, plus he considers you to be part of his plans for the future.

2. He Wants People To Be Aware Of Your Existence

He is affectionate when you are around other people with gestures such as to hold you by the hand, placing his arm around you and/or giving you hugs. Also he feels proud of spending time and having you around him, plus you already met his friends and family. Moreover, he started bringing you to some social situation where his friends are as well.

3. He Treats You Nicely

A man who is in love with you, takes care of your feelings, necessities and whishes. He considers and treats them to be on the same level of importance as his necessities and wishes. He pays attention to your well-being and is capable of performing and making things which will make your life nicer, several times he is going to get off his own way just to accomplish them. Furthermore, apart from taking care and being nice with you, he also nice and good with your family and friends.4. He Treats Your Relationship With Integrity

4. He Treats Your Relationship With Integrity

A person who is reliable and loyal to yourself, as well as to the relationship you are in. He is sincere when it comes to the women he used to hang out. He is doing whatever he says he is doing and he is going to be sincere with you and tell you if he does not have the ability of doing them. If there are some problems to appear, he has the desire and will to sit with you and try to solve them. Even though, he is not the most perfect man in the world, he is constantly trying to improve himself and make himself a much better person.

5. He Is Generous With His Time

He doesn’t allow big time frame to pass without having seen you. If he has some free time, his wish is to spend it with you and his desire is to be with you. If you have a relationship which is a long distance, then he will do anything to spend time with you whenever you have free time, as much as your schedule permits you to do it. Plus, you are spending together most of the biggest holidays such as Thanksgiving, New Year’s Eve, Christmas and Valentine’s Day.

6. He Takes Cares Of You

A man who is in love with you is extremely happy for you if nice things are occurring to you. He is considering and nice when you have to encounter certain challenges. This man is always around you and by your side no matter if you are going through bad or good times. He is adorable and makes you the most amazing things to show you his love when it is not your birthday, Valentine’s Day and Christmas. Furthermore, he takes care and tries to impose on you to test yourself with inviting you to go outside to do some things that will help you to transform yourself into starting to be a better person.

7. He Wants The Best For You

A man who is in love with you encourages you to do accomplish the things you are wishing for and love, it doesn’t mean if those things she has to perform them without you being with her. He wishes for you to hang around and be together with the important and loving people in his life. That man will make you believe in yourself to discover and go accomplish the things you wish for and like the most, because he is aware of the fact that if you are satisfied and are accomplishing the things you like and you are happy about it, you will be happy and feel completely accomplished and dedicated to the relationship you have with him.

Put not so much weight onto his words and a lot more weight over the way he behaves and things he does. The behavior and actions of a guy can tell you much mire, plus they will point out if he feels love for you or not.  It is very easy for a man to pronounce the words “I love you” due to the fact that most of the women wish to hear that popular phrase. However, the real exam of the love he feels for you is if he shows these signs we mentioned before. If you have a guy who is in love with you, you won’t feel the necessity of having to hear those words, because you will simple be aware of his feelings.

Source and image source: healthyfoodheadlines.com