Pay Attention! You Should Not Make A Mixture Of The Following Household Products Or They Can Kill You

Every day products that people can find inside of their houses probably seem to be completely safe, but the things which may occur when the following products are mixed in a wrong way can have disastrous consequences.

There are some very damaging mixtures which let go of some toxic gases, that creates them to be a real health threat, especially when it comes to the lungs and brain.

1# Vinegar and hydrogen peroxide

Then, once more we may say that this is the real situation when certain people put their health at risk, for the sole reason of cleaning. In situations when these products are mixed they create peracetic acid which is able to produce injuries on the skin eyes but also to the respiratory system.

2# Chlorine bleach and vinegar

When a situation happens where an acid and chlorine are mixed it is not safe at all, mostly when it is being mixed with vinegar. The thing which creates the appearance of this results is due to the toxic chlorine gas that it is being let go of.

3# Baking soda and vinegar

Probably you have had the chance to hear that this mixture is great for cleaning. However to put it in a simple way it is completely not worth the trouble. This combination is beyond words hazardous and people should always try to avoid it.

The baking soda or sodium bicarbonate show reactions used with the acetic acid. Which can be discovered in vinegar, and plus creates sodium acetate, water, and carbon dioxide as a result. Furthermore, vinegar creates bubbling inside the baking soda. Which may show the results in explosions if a situation happens. Like when these are a transformed in a mixture inside a closed container.

4# Two different cleaners

This represents to be the most famous misconception people are performing. Let’s say a window cleaner and a certain universal cleaner.. This type of mixture may be very hazardous. Plus people should be aware of the fact that chemicals are extremely dangerous. And whenever people use them people should never make a mixture of them. And they always have to be extremely careful.

5# Bleach and ammonia

The result from mixing this products is creation of toxic fumes, much more chloramines. It is able to produce a huge harm to the eyes, plus this mixture it can’t be inhaled.

6# Rubbing alcohol and bleach

The thing is that when a situation happens where a chloroform and hydrochloric acid are brought together and mixed it is an extremely hazardous combination.

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