Add Cayenne To A Glass Of Water And Sip It. After 10 Seconds Be Surprised

The ground pepper is alkaloid capsaicin content. It also has B6, C, manganese, flavonoids and potassium.

The pepper use is for nose bleeds and cuts too. Place pepper on a scratch or cut and bleeding ends then. There will be no pain and the healing is faster too. This is natural recipe, used in many generations back and for internal wounds, mix pepper in water for drinking. Bleeding will end the and there!

Some experts even say to put pepper in hot water and drink at once to have it more effectively for both in and out bleedings.

The pepper has capsaicin and vitamins like E, B6, C and flavonoids, manganese, potassium.

It is great for removing pain, muscle inflammations, stiffness in neck, back pain.

Pepper lessens chances of heart attack by removing clots in blood, reducing atherosclerosis risks and thrombus forming. Also, ground pepper fights intestine problems. Bowels are better and regular and toxins flushed.

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