Quit Consuming Tilapia Right Now Before It’s Too Late!

All people adore tilapia. It is a type of fish which is very cheap. And a lot of people like it mostly because it has no bones, skin and powerful fishy taste. Tilapia is considered to be one of the fish which has traits, plus it is not complicated at all to prepare it. I suppose you think there is no better fish than this one.

Well. it is so sad to hear that tilapia is more dangerous for peoples health than any other type of meat. Here are included the pork and beef as well.

Most often tilapia which people eat is originated fish from aqua farms and shops or restaurants. Which do not own and sale wild tilapia.

The main issue with tilapia which comes from farms is that it is not good for the health. Mostly due to the fact that the fish are being given not natural, not healthy diet. Such as soy pellets and GMO corn. And they are not feeding them with algae and plants like they should have.


What is the reason which forbids people to avoid consuming fish Tilapia which is from the farm?

Also, it was discovered that the tilapia which originates from the farms, has the ability of creating a bunch of health issues such as asthma, inflammations, coronary illnesses, and many more.

Fish which come from the farms are consisted often times bigger levels of cancer creating agents in contrast to the wild fish and one those types is tilapia.

Due to the poor diet, farm-raised fish are consisted of a bunch of pesticides. Which are helpful in giving protection against illnesses and pesticides. And are still found inside their bodies even after they have been harvested.

Cultivated and farm raised fish also is consisted of bigger levels of Dioxin inside. This element is lethal! And eating them it may continue staying inside people system up to a decade. It is commonly familiar that fish from farms are consisted of approximately 11 times increased dioxin levels opposite to wild fish.

Furthermore, people are familiar with the fact that tilapia from the farms has lesser good supplements and reduced levels of protein. Plus, it is consisted of bigger levels of omega 6 instead of omega 3, once compared to the wild tilapia. This bad balance of omega 3 and omega 6 has enormously dangerous and damaging effects over people health.

Moreover, we have to point out the fact that one of the main ingredients the fish food has is the chicken poop. Well, I suppose that you are not a big fan of having this type of tilapia in your food menu. When you go to the market to purchase tilapia, well you already have that one.

Source and image source: healthyfoodheadlines.com