Add A Spoon Of This Mix To Your Plant Stems And See Something Interesting!

Cinnamon is delicious and healthy in moderation, but plants like it too, not just us!

We have mentioned many times about adding this to diet recipes but this is something different. Plants would like cinnamon too and you will find out why. The house and outdoor plants too have many benefits from this and these are the 6 reasons why:

  1. Seeding- imagine turtles and breaking their shells, climbing on hard surface and running for some protection and shelter. It is sad. They run as the predator chases them to eat them. But that is life. And yes, this can happen to the seeding too.

Seeds are not attacked by such predators but they are by diseases. The garden term for this is dampering off and it means many illnesses for plants that diminish the seed health. This can be due to many causes like soil quality or weather. The cinnamon fights fungi and it helps create healthy growing areas.

  1. Wild mushroom- as above with the turtle context, mushrooms now don’t like the cinnamon! So, do not waste time to pick wild mushrooms from the yard, instead give them cinnamon and say bye to them!
  2. Roots hormone- this root hormone makes roots grow more. If you want chemical free household stop using chemicals and use cinnamon while cutting plants.
  3. Detergent for ants- ants also dislike cinnamon so, sprinkle in the garden to keep them at bay. If they are in the house sprinkle on surfaces or corners.
  4. Plant wound- if plants are cut or wounded, sprinkle cinnamon on their wounds and cuts and prevent them from getting more sick.
  5. Household plants- remember to feed house plants as well as outdoor ones. Put cinnamon on the soil and see them grow. Gnats? They dislike this spice, so use it now.!

This spice is nice smelling, tasty, cheap, healthy and has many uses as you see. Try something from above.

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