Notice These Dangerous Leg Pain Signs And Prevent Deadly Consequences!

People never take leg pain seriously and we all think only chest pain is life threatening , but this goes for legs too. It can even be deadly!

This pain is a ticking time bomb in the legs!

If you have leg cramps as you move or walk at fast pace, keep an eye on this. If still hurts even while sitting, it is serious.

Blocking of blood vessels


The leg cramp is a sign of cardio problems, weak and inflamed veins and arteries. This makes fat deposits in the blood vessels. That pain means arteries and vessels are blocked and weak and the veins are too, so it can become deadly if untreated. It can cause heart attacks and strokes and also aneurism that can break and risk your life. Sometimes the leg has a gangrene and is amputated.

In the first signs you must notice is the walking pain in the leg muscle but also in the buttocks or hips. To walk down and up only makes it worse. If you sit and the pain endures for a few more minutes. If the pain is during walking only, it means the veins and vessels are blocked and weak. This happens due to bad blood flow and the toes get almost no blood.

If you notice this sooner, check with a doctor urgently. He will check the pulse and pressure in the legs. This is useful for preventing further damage and even save your life. Sometimes the cure is really simple – exercises that promote better blood flow.

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