Man Had The Diagnose Of Eye Cancer Because He Was Doing The Following Thing At Night

A man of 40 years got the diagnose of having a cancer of the eyes with pinkeye.

A bunch of scientific researches point out the fact that the green light which comes from the screens of the mobile phones result with death of the retinal cells of people. Which has negative effects for people vision. When people use mobile phones in weak light condition for a longer period of time, electron beam will shine straight into the eyes. This is going to make the conjunctival to become prolonged dry. A process which is going to provoke eye cancer and blindness.

The case..

This man of 40 years whose name we do not know, went to see his doctor when he hadn’t the ability of seeing quite good. Albumen became red due to several serious injuries. By which, he constantly uses his mobile phone for approximately 30 minutes in the dark time before going to bed. This was prolonged, and created for his macular’s eye to get degraded. A process which brought to having bad eyesight and symptoms of cancer on the eyes.

The doctors have zero possibility of performing a single thing when it comes to this case. Due to the fact that the change of retina is a very complicated job for nowadays medicine.

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