This Thing Kills The Bones, And You Continue Drinking It Each Day!

Soda is considered to be the mostly used drinks into the United States, it comes immediately after water. Here in the States, people from America drink 57 gallons of soda each person each year.

However, what is happening with the bodies of people who drink soda beverages every single time they take a sip?

Dr. West Conner, who is a Renegade Pharmacist has pointed out several important influences the soda has on the body of people:

First 10 minutes

In only one glass of soda there are 10 tablespoons of sugar, this is 100% a lot more than the suggested dose of sugar. The phosphates are the ingredients which create the taste of the soda, because they are filled with it. That is the thing which makes people to contain such a huge amount of sugar inside the body, something that people will on the other hand blow up and transform it into a natural defensive mechanism.

After 20 minutes

The body is filled with high amounts of insulin and glucose, in this particular moment the sugar transforms to be a fat, a now the liver has to perform extra work.

After 40 minutes

The body has completely absorbed the caffeine from the beverage in about 40 minutes. The flow of the blood is bigger, plus the liver creates a lot more sugar and puts it forward inside the bloodstream. The brain starts to prevent the hormone receptor Adenosine, which stops the tiredness.

After 45 Minutes

Dopamine Secretion is with bigger amount and the brain is influenced in this moment. It also gives feeling to the person that he/she is feeling good.

After 50 minutes

The phosphoric acid is tied up together with the magnesium, zinc and calcium which can be found inside the body from before.

After 60 Minutes

After this period of time the diuretic characteristics of the caffeine begin their action. People will start going to the toilet more and more. And with that they won’t have any more zinc, calcium, and magnesium. That were actually important for the skelet of the body, and the water, sodium, and electrolytes.

After more than an hour

The sugar position is in its final stage. There is the feeling inside the body which is filled with energy. However people should await for having often mood swings. All together with the soft beverages, the body has taken out all the water and nutrients important for the normal functions of the body. At the end, the risk of having diabetes and the necessity to carry an insulin pump it becomes bigger.

A lot of people have no idea what this fizzy, soft drink is able to produce and create inside people bodies. This is the reason this is very important to be transferred and also heard by as much people as possible. In that way they will be able to find out the truth and also stop being kept in the blackout.

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