This Hormone Is Why You Are Not Able To Lose Weight – Fix This Problem

If with the process of losing weight you suffer a lot, plus if you consider the diet or the process of exercising is not giving you the results you desired for, well probably you should pay attention to the hormone – leptin in this moment. Leptin represents the hormone which is secreted by the cells, plus its main function is to keep normal the weight of the body as well as the levels of energy. 2 ways exists through which the leptin is doing its function. The first way is when sending signals to the brain when people are in the process of eating, then the second way is with providing stimulation to the fatty tissue to eliminate the energy.

The body is letting of a bunch of leptin inside the blood stream when people are becoming fatter so they are able of creating balance, plus they are able to stimulate the fatty tissue so they can burn the extra amount of fat. But, cases exists where leptin is not working properly. What is much more precise, a lot of people who have too much weight created leptin resistance inside their bodies.

What does it mean the refusal of acceptance of the leptin and also in what way it is created?

When some longer periods of having increased leptin levels, a lot of people start to lose sensitivity to leptin inside their bodies. This means, that the brain is not listening when the leptin is sending signals to make faster the metabolism and on the other side to put an end to the process of eating.

This is the thing which creates the difficulties in the process of losing weight. Leptin resistance is provoking the person which struggles with this to having risk of having chronic disease by creating increased inflammation as well as extra fat of the belly. Some people are doing a huge error with lowering the entrance of their calories very drastically, the reason why they are doing that is due to the fact that they want to lose weight in a quicker way. However, within time this starts becoming a big problem, therefore it makes the leptin in giving answers with the process of saying to the brain that it is necessary a lot more consummation of food.

This is one of the reasons why it is good if people do not use any of these types of diets, due to the fact that they are not good most of the times, plus they are able of creating several types of diseases. Well, that represents a completely wrong approach in the process of losing weight.

As well as, you may start being resistant to leptin when you start consuming processed food on daily basis, such as the following ones:

  • Food high in sugar
  • Food high in fat
  • High fructose corn syrup
  • Refined Carbohydrates

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