For Flat Stomach Stop Eating These 6 Foods On Daily Basis

For a flat belly it is simple to just change a routine. Usually, people drink a lot of water, but diet is also important.

Here are the good and bad things regarding this issue and you will remove bloating and belly fat quickly.

  1. No more dairy– milk is healthy, but it is not good for the belly. It makes you gassy and bloated and opt for yoghurt instead of milk.
  2. No processed food and coffee, sugar, alcohol– avoid coffee and booze for this problem; the processed food makes you gather fat more and burn less fat. The sugar is making you gain weight and must be avoided
  3. Less salt– we add salt to everything for taste but more salt means water retention and bloating.
  4. No hot spices– the belly gets irritated from too much secretion in the stomach of spices. The eating of such spices makes digestion problematic.
  5. Less carbs– the carbs diminish the losing weight and losing fat speed. Avoid bread, pasta and sweets. Opt for proteins.
  6. Fruits, yes or no?– fruit is healthy we all know that. But, the right fruit and the right amount is crucial here. Pears and apples have more fructose or more sugar and slow down fat burning. Eat more citrus fruits instead.

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