Amazing Smell Always Comes Of Her House!!! After A While She Showed Me The Best Way To Make This Trick

Almost every time we go to buy something we buy different types of products for maintenance of the hygiene especially items like deodorant, smelly candles and some other smells items to make our home to smell nice.

Most of this items that we bought contains a lot of toxic chemicals that are really dangerous for us and for any one that is in our house. The best way to protect yourself and your family and in the same time to have nice smell in the house is to find some natural way of making your home to smell well.

In this article we will show you how to get rid of any air refreshments that have toxic effect and to replace them with natural items.

All you will need is some soda for baking, smelly essential oil, fork, container for candle, carton hammer and a big jar.

This kind of trick is the best ways to make for your bedroom, bathroom, living room.. The whole apartment if you want to smell nice. Whenever the container gets dirty just use salt and really hot water. And it will be ready to be used again.

The next great ways to make your home to smell well is to put soda in a jar. After that just put 10 drops of the smelly essential oil you prefer. Mix all of the mixture well and the magic can begin. Your home will smell beautiful and most important it will be natural.


Put a lid on the jam and make around 6 to 7 holes on the lid using some kind of tool. You can use screwdriver and a hammer.

After that do the same method but this time with the soda and the smelly essential oil. Put the lid again after you will finish with the preparation. And you will have natural and fresh smell all over your house and most importantly you will be safe.

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