Reset The Thyroid And Burn Fat. Also Make Metabolism Faster!

The medical director, Erika Schwartz wanted to talk to a cardiologist of an elder patient. This patient addressed her after many futile meds and his symptoms unchanged about a health issue regarding the thyroid.

This man had low thyroid and testosterone level and he was obese and fatigued. Also he suffered from eczema and had insomnia since he itched all night long.

Schwartz got in contact with his doctor after calling him for 20 days. She even said to the doctor that the patient had to remove some meds to treat the eczema. But, Schwartz said the cardiologist rejected this advice about his own knowledge. But, even though both of them were educated with same diplomas in the end, he hung up.

Schwartz said to the patient and part of the cardiologist treatment was stopped.

Then, Erika made a new therapy for the old man to boost the thyroid and make him get off cholesterol meds. This scared the man due to his fear of heart attack, but the cholesterol was cured naturally with the help of Schwartz.

The thyroid makes two major hormones- thyroxine and triiodothyroine known as T4 and T3.

The issue hypothyroidism is when the thyroid gland is influenced by internal or external factors and even ends with Hashimoto disease – autoimmune issue dangerous for the thyroid health.

If  you have this problem you might have symptoms like: weight gain, fragile nails, dry skin, fatigue, hair loss, mood swings and depression too.

All these signs are overlapped with other issues and that is why doctors give meds just like that – they don’t even think about the chance of hypothyroidism.

Mary Shomon said a lot of people suffer from bad cholesterol and depression since the thyroid does this, still doctors recklessly give the meds for cholesterol and depression.

Shomon also added that doctors defining thyroid problems as a root is not even near to being in the right curing path.

There is a test known as thyroid stimulating hormone TSH and it has its imperfections.

That test sees the levels of pituitary TSH hormones in the blood and those hormones signal the thyroid to release thyroid hormones. That TSH test does not measure the T4 and T3 levels in the blood.

Those people that have the signs of this issue have normal TSH result. If a patient is on meds, the symptoms are even worse than before.

Schwarz says that people are in pain because SIGNS are treated, NOT the illness.

An even better test is of more help, to check the levels of T3 and T4 separately. It is crucial to see for T4 being changed to T3 and that T3 enters the cells to regulate organ work.

Schwarz even says there is a better way to treat her patients. She considers diet and hormones and all the rest.

Also she added that when she gives patients special therapy they feel good. If they start to feel good, they easily change diet habits for better and do workouts.

Shomon also states that agrees with the theory of Schwarz about the thyroid being the guide of all organs.

Both in and out factors affect the thyroid and a bad diagnosis is made by not professional doctors that don’t make a link between workouts, diet and immunity and other factors too.

Emerson says since we live in toxic environments we have thyroid problems and all the mold and mycotoxins from the fungi re the real dangers. These mycotoxins have been studied and mold too and eating food with such ingredients  and many sugars will make mold grow more in our body and become fatal. Never happened Grave disease to overlap with over active thyroid and no high level of mold inside.

Control your habits and diets. Have balanced diets and workouts and have less stress.

Emerson even says that if you start healthy you will continue to be healthy.

Here are some question for you to check your health:

  • Do I eat healthy?
  • Do I drink enough water?
  • Is my food with meds?
  • Do I get sun exposure?
  • Do I sleep enough?
  • And, do I workout?

Also Schwarz  made her own questions for appraisal:

  • If you can’t sleep, why is that?
  • Do you eat unhealthy?
  • Did you drink too much and woke up because of it?
  • Do you exercise?
  • Do you leave the TV on?

Ask yourselves all these things and answer with honesty. Then you can keep on protecting the thyroid.

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