Make A Recipe At Home That Will Improve Immunity And Make You Healthier

In alternative curing, garlic is the magic item from all healthy foods for the immunity.

It improves immunity and removes toxins too!

The experts have made a study and all results showed consuming garlic before eating and drinking makes it even more potent than before so it acts like antibiotic.

The garlic resolves high blood pressure and regulates the blood flow at the same time. Also, stops problems like liver and bladder issues.

For stomach is also effective in cases of diarrhea and people claimed garlic before eating promotes nerve protection.

The raw honey has many phytonutrients and they are like antioxidants and anti-inflammation agents, so overall keep the general health.

Other benefits of honey are better immunity, stopping coughs, less pollen allergies, balanced sugar in blood, regulating cholesterol and removing bacteria.

Also it removes pain and soothes the nerves while it soothes ulcers too!

DIY remedy for immunity, with video below

Make this garlic honey cure at home to improve your health.


  • 3-4 garlic cloves
  • 1 cup honey
  • Small jar for storage


Separate the cloves if they are in a whole garlic head and don’t peel them. Just remove the thin peel over. Fill up the jar with the garlic and pour over honey.

With spoon release bubbles and cover all the garlic with honey over. Lid it up and let it sit off a few days, in fridge or in a cold room temperature.

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