14 Concerning Signs Of Blood Sugar!

Many of the people suffer from this issue. The diabetes is metabolic issue that makes sugar in the blood higher than normal. Still these people are not the only ones at risk for the health.

Every one of us must keep track on the blood sugar because if you have high sugar level for longer periods of time, it can turn into diabetes. Also, many foods can trigger this, not just candy, sugars, carbs or sweets and juices.

The usual reasons for blood sugar:

A lot of symptoms are linked closely to weight gain, stomach issues etc. but these are the real factors that trigger sugar problems:

  1. Bad diet regime and habits, unhealthy eating
  2. Drugs
  3. No physical activity
  4. Health problems of other causes

The usual signs of high blood sugar:

If you do have this problem, you deal with diabetes complications.

The obvious ones are:

  • Dryness of mouth
  • Blur vision
  • Stomach issues
  • Impotence
  • Fatigue
  • Itch and dryness of skin
  • Nerve problems
  • Frequent urination
  • Night urination
  • No or slow wound healing
  • Often it happens you get infections
  • Fat around the stomach mostly

This glycemic list of foods is really useful for you if you combat this issue.

The GI or glycemic index is a measure point for certain foods with many carbs that are responsible for the high sugar level. They are ranked by other reference foods – glucose or bread. It means if the food GI’s is high, it will raise more the blood sugar level compared to other food with medium or low GI.

The scale for this GI is from 0-100. Also, high GI foods digest faster than others. Low GI foods on the other hand have healthier benefits. They make you lose weight!

The list of glycemic index foods; they are all low GI and have to be eaten every day:

  • Egg – 0
  • 1 cup broccoli-6
  • 1 onion-10
  • add 1 cup cashew-22
  • 1 cup walnut-15
  • ½ grapefruit- 25
  • 1 turkish sausage-28
  • 1 cup yoghurt (no sugar)-23
  • add 1 cup beans- 34
  • 1 dl tomato juice-38
  • 1 apple-38
  • add 1 cup spaghetti- 42
  • 1 cup green grape-46
  • 1 carrot
  • 2 dl pineapple juice-46
  • 1 orange-48
  • 1 banana-52
  • and 1 cup peas- 54

All these have low to medium GI, but the following must be taken cautiously:

  • 1 cup rice, brown- 55
  • 1 cup rice white-64
  • add 1 dish mac and cheese-64
  • 1 tbsp honey-55

Now these are really high in GI and should be avoided if not altogether banned in the diet:

  • 1 slice white bread-70
  • 1 donut-76
  • 2 cups popcorn-72
  • 1 rice cake-78
  • 1 medium potato baked-85
  • Corn cereal-92
  • 50 g glucose-100

Source and image source: healthyfoodstar.com