Have A Better Posture And No Pain In The Back With Simple Workout (Video Included)

3 good reasons to improve your posture

  1. Bad posture makes back pain worse and the disk slipping, so you feel tightness in the chest and bad circulation.
  2. To correct the posture can remove pin in the back area, neck and shoulders.
  3. Some studies even shown that great posture lessens stress, improves hormone levels, digestion, breathing ways and makes mental clarity better

So, luckily we have some easy ways to do this with the posture. One easy tip is to work the muscles  lying on  your back and this is called a grasshopper (locust pose shalabhasana)

These have to be made gently and feeling confortable all the way. For those with a bad back, talk with the doctor first.


Step 1: lie with the stomach down and the forehead is on the floor.

Step 2: extend the legs behind and spread to widen hips. Weight must be divided equally.

Step 3: lift the front of body with the head up, slowly as you feel no discomfort.

Step 4: inhale and lift up as you look forward. When you exhale lift the chest and arms and keep the hands close together with palms downwards.

Step 5:  use the muscles to lift the legs up and your weight must be on the lower rib part, pelvis and abdomen.

Stay like this 10 seconds and then repeat 5-10 more. Start slowly and hold shortly, then increase longevity and strength each day until you feel nice. This workout makes the back muscles, legs and trunk stronger.

Source and image source: healthyandnatural.life