Remove Uric Acid From The Joints With This Recipe

What is the uric acid?

The uric acid is made in the breaking down of purines that are in the proteins areas. The cells dissolve in a way and make uric acid since the protein is the main thing here. This acid is in the kidneys and if there is too much of it there can be a buildup.

But this acid by itself is not the harm to the joints. It creates urates inside us and they are various salts. The monosodium urate is the worst one maybe. When in the joints, it makes gout.

Try juices!

Luckily, many foods and veggies and fruits help with this issue. The low purine items like lettuce, cucumber, celery, beets and potatoes lower down the uric acid In the blood.

The best and easiest way and tasty too is to eat all these veggies and have a juice of them. The cucumber juice in particular is the best way to stop inflammation in the joints.

Cucumber juice- it reduces high basal temperature and removes toxins too. Makes the alkaline environment good and some studies even proved that it is good for removing uric acid and joint crystals.

All these things combined erase toxins. The ginger and celery remove inflammation.

This juice can make you feel tingly pain, but this means the juice is working.

Juice recipe: 10 minutes preparation

  • 1 medium size cucumber
  • 2 celery stalks
  • A lemon slice
  • 1 ginger (1 inch)


Clean all these and cut the cucumber and celery to chopped slices. Use the lemon and shred the ginger at last. Combine everything and drink up!

Do this twice a day and you will notice amazing results.

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