Fresh And Bright Clothes With NO Chemicals. Easy And Affordable!

To do laundry is not the most fun thing in the world. Also, many stains are stubborn and stay forever. Also, many detergents are not as they should be effective and good but here you can learn about an ingredient that makes all this past!

  1. Before you load the machine, pour ½ cup vinegar over the clothes. The white vinegar keeps the color vibrant and makes the detergent even stronger. There is no foam residue and flakes afterwards.
  2. Also, vinegar is used as softener too! Pour it in the appropriate section of the machine and start! Vinegar is better than a softener since it gives the same if not better effects. It is eco friendly and keeps the environment safe.
  3. The acid of the vinegar makes deodorant stains gone forever and the sweat too
  4. Regular detergents leave marks afterwards and those with sensitive skin cannot stand this. Half cup vinegar is just about enough.
  5. Bad smells are gone with vinegar. Cigarette smell of the clothes is no problem here.
  6. Soak clothes in diluted vinegar. Mix hot water and half cup vinegar. Overnight the clothes soak and then are washed normally. An extra tip is to spray the stains with the vinegar and rub.
  7. Animal fuzz and hairs and odor is also removed with vinegar.
  8. No static charge and electricity of clothes
  9. With 6 tbsp vinegar in the hand wash you also get a nice soak. This goes for washing underwear and swimwear too.
  10. Clean the machine with it! This way you avoid chemicals and abrasive damage.

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