With These Acupressure Points You Will Remove Bloating, Gas And Belly Pain

Acupressure is basically a method for alternative medicine practice and is connected to acupuncture and making pressure on some points.

To be more specific this means pressure on some points to get health benefits. This includes better digestion, no bloating, healthy stomach and no gas. For bloating, gas and pains these are the best points:

Stomach points– this is the middle of our body right above the belly button or Center of Energy and anther one below, Sea of Energy. Treating: for these health problems, press these points and you will remove constipation, aches, frustration, lower back ache, emotional anxiety and heartburn. Do it on regular basis.


Lower back point– they help with bloated belly and gas, they are in the waistline – Sea of Vitality. Treating: if your belly hurts or you have stomach aches and gas, try such points. For those with weak back, avoid this since it might worsen the problem.


Hand points– inner Gate point or the inside wrist side. Treating: stomach ache, better digestion and no nausea is the issue here.


Leg Three Miles– or the Stomach 36 point for treating gas. Also is known as Zu San Li or leg three miles. The origin of the name is from refreshing the energy and making people walk more or walk 3 miles even when tired. Bend your leg and place 4 fingers under the kneecap. The point is where the small finger rests on the shinbone and you need a soft spot now. Treating: with pressure here you get more energy in general, improve immunity and digestion and remove vomiting, nausea, constipation, gas and diarrhea.


Feet points– shiatsu points for gas removing and they are on the feet, cross one ankle over the knee and find the thumb point. The first is on the arch top and 1 finger away from the foot. The second is where bones of second and toenail connect on the foot top. Treating: put pressure on the first one for 1 minute to soothe the belly and remove gas. For the second, put pressure to remove bloating.


Three Yin Crossing– this is width of 3 fingers higher than inner ankle. Treating: put pressure on this point for lower belly issues like colitis, distention and flatulence. Another 3 points are good to know and some other tips are included below as well.

Tips and advice:

  • Gentle massages and pressure applying
  • Practicing all 4 methods regularly and you become a professional
  • After the deep point, massage in circles
  • Use essential oil and improve effects. This oil helps for removing gas or it soothes after the session
  • During acupressure, feel comfortable and relaxed, breathe properly and close the eyes
  • Repeat as often as you need to
  • If you feel discomfort, ask for help, an assistant or try again.

Source and image source: forhealthylifestyle.com