20 Usual Cancer Signs Which Most Of The Women Don’t Pay Attention To!

It is not always important to make tests and regular check at the doctor as well as to make just tests when your wish is to be safe from various health issues such as cancer and many others. The important thing is to be aware if something strange, some which cannot be explained or something which is different from other situations, happens to you.

Commonly Overlooked Cancer Signs

1. Weakness

It is a situation which represents a symptom various types of cancer. So, if it happens for you to be fatigued or dizzy just like that without having any idea why then you should check with your doctor immediately.

2. Blood in Stool and Rectal Bleeding

These situations are a sign of colorectal cancer. So, if it happens for you to have blood in the stool then don’t think twice about it and go check with your doctor.

3. Problems when swallowing

Normally it represent the first sign of lung cancer, but also it suggest esophageal and cancer of the throat.

4. Changes in Nails

Different types of cancer are easily suggested when people have a few not recognizable and strange changes to the fingernails. Some black streak and brown growth, as well as white or pail nails most often point out for this to be liver or skin cancer.

5. Bleeding That Cannot Stop or Too Many Bruises

This situation usually suggests that there is something strange thing which is occurring with the red blood cells which represents one more sign of leukemia.

6. Lymps found on the underarm, neck or groin or inflammation on the lymph nodes

When there is a situation when some changes are happening inside the lymphatic system, that is usually a symptom of cancer.

7. Abdominal Weight Gain or Bloating

A big number of the females who suffer and have issues with cancer in the area of the ovaries  often point out that they suffer from being swollen in the area of the stomach.

8. Chest Pain or Chronic Cough

Bronchitis and bad cough are possible signs for various types of cancer such as lung tumors and leukemia. Patients who have lung cancer usually say that they have problems in the area of the torso. This pain starts from the hand and continues to the top of the upper joint.

9. Abdomina Pain or Pelvic

Cramping and pain in the area of the abdomen as well as the pelvis usually is a symptom of ovarian cancer. Abdominal pain is also a symptom of leukemia.

10. Unable to Eat And Feeling Full

These situations are as well symptoms for ovarian cancer. Women explain that they are unable to consume food and do not have any appetite, even in situations when they haven’t eaten anything the whole day.

11. Unexpected Weight Loss

The loss of weight suggest to be a sign for a certain type of digestive cancers like for example colon cancer. Plus, it may suggest to be a symptom of liver cancer, which has negative effects over the capability of the body to get rid of the waste by itself as well as of the appetite.

12. Shortness of Breath or Wheezing

The inability to inhale air properly represents the first step or sign if you want for lung cancer.

13. Inflammation, Sore or Red Breasts

If you notice some odd changes to the breasts then go and check up with your doctor due to the fact that these symptoms appoint for this to be breast cancer.

14. Stomachache or Upset Stomach

Usually difficulties in the area of the stomach or some stomach cramps are probably a sign of colorectal cancer.

15. Bleeding Between Periods or Painful or Heavy Periods

A lot of women complain by pointing out that these issues such as endometrial cancer or cancer of the uterus. So, when these situations are not the same such as regular heavy periods, then just go to your doctor and make a request for a transvaginal ultrasound.

16. Nipple Changes

Nipple that begin to be inverted, flattened or flipped on the other way around, suggest a sign of breast cancer.

17. A Skin Lump That Bleeds Easily, Turns To Be Crusty or Doesn’t Heal

Everything we talked about and mentioned previously are all signs of melanoma – or also known as skin cancer. This suggests that people should make a check of their body and search for some strange spots or growths.

18. Swelling of Facial Features

Redness, swelling or puffiness in the face are usual signs for those who suffer from lung cancer. The blood is stopped from going through the face and head.

19. Pain in the Lower Right Side or Back

A bunch of people who have problems with liver cancer point out these situations as signs of the cancer, but also this could easily suggest to be a breast cancer.

20. Infections or Frequent Fevers

These types of situations represent symptoms of cancer of the blood cells – or well known as leukemia. The leukemia is a condition which disallows the capability of the body to combat the infections of the body.

Source and image source: losingweightdone.com