VIDEO: This Is Unbelievable, I Don’t Know How I Didn’t Thought Of Cutting The Watermelon In This Way

Since the first moment I watched this video, I started cutting the watermelon in a different way at the same moment.

In the past, my way of cutting the watermelon was wrong, because it left out a bunch of the parts which are for eating, those parts which are connected to the rind and that is why a huge part of the watermelon I was throwing away. When you finish watching this way of cutting the watermelon in a more simple and easy way, you will have a lot of fruit to eat, plus you are going to enjoy in a bunch of easy-to-munch bites. Also, in this way you won’t make such a huge mess like you used to do it.

First of all, cut the watermelon. Create a little slice through the rind and stop when you get to the center. Then, it is very probable that the watermelon will cut open in half by itself.

After that, just turn around the watermelon, you should do this in order for the watermelon to be turned on its end. The next step is to get rid of the peel. It is absolutely fine if it happens for you to have a couple of more white bits, due to the fact that you may return and cut them off when you are finished with the other parts.

Further, you should take the top of and after that just clean off the white rind.

So, then you should just make a couple of pieces cut in a very easy way. Then, just take the board where you prepare your food and make it to be placed into 90-degrees. And cut in the opposite direction once again.

Take one bowl.. But it should be a bowl which will have enough place to fit over the top of the watermelon. Then, one more time take the cutting board and turn it on the other side. So in that way you will get an amazingly good sliced watermelon.

Do you agree that this represents one of the best and simplest ways of cutting the watermelon?

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