10 Different And Very Dangerous Symptoms For Ovarian Cancer- The Quiet Killer!

“The quiet killer” is a characteristic name for ovarian cancer mostly because symptoms are quiet and similar to the menstrual symptoms, but this cancer is one of the most deadliest for women. A small percent of 20 to 30 percent of the women which are diagnosed with terminal stage of cancer can live five years is written in American Cancer Study, what can mean only one thing 70 to 80 percent of the women don’t make it  unfortunately they die.

Biggest problem is not having good test for detecting it on time and because of that ovarium cancer is commonly found and detect almost in terminal stage mostly because there are few symptoms that women can find wrong and painful. Women usually feel the same symptoms they have while menstruation period and sometimes they also feel mild congestion in the pelvic area and a feel of fullness with an abdominal pain in the lower section.

Through out the years the risk for cancer is increasing. This cancer in number 2 in the list of gynecological cancers and number 5 in general of types of cancer that hit women in America. Because is hard to be detected earlier this cancer has higher rate of death than any other type of cancer in women. If you have any strange and not normal symptoms which last long period of time you must seek for an exam of the pelvic area and consults your doctors about the serious problems that can be caused by this symptoms not to mention the cancer itself. Doctors knows their job but in number of cases they think the symptoms are too mild to be something serious mostly because they have a lot of patients and tough schedule and don’t have enough time to look everything.

Because of this you will be persistent and you will ask that every test is carefully made. And every result is sure and checked twice if necessary. Especially if you have and kind of abdominal pain that must be taken serious from the doctors. And checked really carefully. Best way to be examine is to have manual exam from the doctors for any type of abdominal growths. Also using blood test and CT scan can be useful.

Sometimes to make sure in some diagnosis you will need a surgery from a doctor specialized in this field. (like gynecologic oncologic surgeons and gynecologic oncologists). Always try to find well recognized doctors in this field that have many years of experience. Who can give you the right treatment and suitable solutions for your problem. Seeking a doctor that can evaluate you cancer stage is the best way to start of your treatment. As stated by The Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center women that have cases of different types of cancers in the family.. (colorectal, breast or ovarian) have bigger risk of having ovarian cancer.

Because of this best way for detecting is by making exam of pelvic area with blood CA125 test. And once in every six months to make an ultrasound. Those people who have family history of colorectal, breast and ovarian cancers may be at bigger risk. In that case these women should consider more pelvic exams with CA 125 blood test and ultrasound at least two times a year.

Next you will read for the most common symptoms. Which are usual for every other disease but not for the ovarian cancer. Because of this complete and fully exams can be crucial for discovering ovarian cancer. It is crucial if you call your doctor as soon as possible. Especially if the symptoms last longer than 2 weeks. Most important thing is that you don’t need to have every symptoms connected to the ovarian cancer. It is enough only one to be recognized and your life will be saved.

10 crucial symptoms

  • Pressure, fullness and bloating
  • Pelvic discomfort and pain
  • Increased urination frequency
  • Pain with sexual activity
  • Fatigue
  • Feeling full after eating or appetite loss
  • Indigestion or persistent gas
  • Constipation
  • Increase of your abdomen size
  • Pain in the lower back

Source and image source: naturalhealthyteam.com