By Consuming This Food Brain Worms May Appear

A very ugly and scary story was presented on the internet extremely fast such as wildfire. It was presented on the website of CNN.

After receiving a bunch of various medical treatments for his chronic headache for about a year, this gave him awful results, so this British man decided to take an MRI, \for the sole reason to see that he has tapeworm living into the tissue of his brain. The doctors could not believe what they are seeing, mostly after the moment of confirming that the tapeworm probably has been residing in his brain for believe it or not there four years.

This man was said to have a diagnose with Sparganosis. This is an infection of parasites which is formed because of the presence of the tapeworm called Spirometra erinaceieuropaei.

According to Dr. Effrossyni Gkrania-Klotsas, he said for CNN that.. “It had went from one side to the other side of the brain… There are not a lot of things which move in the brain.”

There is a therapy which is very effective in curing this infection. However the sole way of which doctors managed to solve this problem was by eliminating the worm via operation.

The infection formed by Spirometra Erinaceieuropaei is mostly found inside of cats and dogs. In this places the worm is able to grow to a frightening length of 1.5 meters.

People have the possibility to suffer from this infection with worms from a couple of different ways, one of those ways is by including the consummation of pork meat. The species discovered in pork meat, are known under the name of Taenia Solium, they can cause infections in people in two forms.

Two Forms

When people eat pork meat from pigs who are with infections and this have not been prepared in the right way, they form the disease taeniasis. A grown worm lurking inside the intestines of the pig. Which are capable of affecting the human brain. As well as having the form of larvae. Due to a contact with feces caused through a pig or person which has been infected. All of these may cause a bunch of infections on numerous tissues inside the body of people.

If the larvae gets inside the nervous system, in that case the infection can appear in neurocysticercosis. An extremely dangerous infection of the brain. In case the worm gets inside the brain, this type of infection is capable of creating epilepsy.

The World Health Organization, pointed out that at least one third of situations regarding epilepsy in countries where this infection is very frequent. Usually appears in people who have already been infected with neurocysticercosis.

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