Why Is So Good And Healthy To Massage Feet Before You Sleep

Massage feet

The best relaxation method and way is to both relax body and mind and do a massage at night.

Have you heard of reflexology?

It is a way of massaging and learning about massages. This was used when people wanted to relax certain body types and did it on the hands and feet. You can improve health if you know this massage.

With the massage therapy you can massage some points and improve the health overall of certain organs and also reduce stress, relax more and make sexual drive better.

Also, foot massage resolves health issues and improves blood flow too; digestion gets improved, insomnia removed, edema is resolved too and skin gets better complexion.

If you press on the big toe or toenail, that impacts the organs like brain and lungs. If you press the rest of the toes than you remove toothache. To add, there is also the pinky toe and Is really important too.  If you press there, you remove ear pain. Overall, all effects of foot massages are just a few and there are more benefits so try it tonight before bed!

Source and image source: organichealthteam.com