Be Careful! These 8 Signs Must Be Recognized, It Is Crucial!

Lately, is normal for majority of us to be allergic to many foods. Usually is gluten or lactose. Still, many people just roll the eyes at these topics, but gluten is really dangerous. See, this gluten problem is not an allergy, but something more serious with the gastric acids.

Recognizing signs

  1. Migraine- this is usual for such problems with gluten. It is 1 hour top after a meal.
  2. Itchy skin- any digestive problems show on the skin too; eczema, itching, dry and irritated skin.
  3. Fibromyalgia- this is basically the rheumatism of soft tissues and muscle aches, also aches in tendons and ligaments, and mostly in females.
  4. Intolerance to lactose- signs of this are heartburn, bloating, nausea after dairy food.
  5. Fatigue- if you sleep enough or 9 hours at least and still are tired – change the diet.
  6. Moodiness- these people feel anxiety and happiness hand in hand. Also depression and irritability.
  7. Stomach pains- obvious sign. Eating well never does this. Otherwise, the stomach tells you something is off.
  8. Dizziness- after eating, these people are dizzy and lose balance.
  9. Joint issues- swelling, pain, inflammation in extremities, knees and hips is a sign.
  10. *for children*- children that developed less and oddly, who had no focus and ADHD or less vitamins and anxiety suffer from this too.

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