Check Out These Facts, You Probably Had No Idea About Onions And What They Are Capable Of!

Read for the following information regarding the onions and all the things they can perform!

The onion belongs in the allium family. It is full with sulfur which gives out the onion its antibiotic and antiseptic characteristics. Onion is as well very high with the antioxidant known under the name Querectin that is extremely useful to the body to combat free radicals.

Onions are a natural remedy for a bunch of health issues. The onion is the most amazing medicine for serious vomiting as well as a general antibiotic which is able to increase the immune system of people.

The juice made of onions is an amazing expectorant and respiratory situations answer good to this juice.

Onions are great for cholesterol levels, heart, arthritis, it is an antioxidant which is beyond words miraculous, as well as diseases like diabetes are treated with it because it is consisted of flavonoid and sulfur compounds. Onions represent a marvelous medicine which proves their historic usage.

Treatments where onions are used:

Breakup chest congestion

Chop an onion together with coconut oil. Rub the chest using the paste made of onions and put over the chest a dishcloth and after that a shirt.


The transparent film of the layer on the onion it is going to forbid moderate bleeding at the exact moment. Plus, it can be used as an antiseptic for the cuts, bruises or injuries.


Peel one big onion, then chop it in half. Put over the face of every onion adding 1 tablespoon of brown sugar and put all over the onions for approximately an hour. The sugar/onion layer is supposed to be used twice during the day in order to be helpful against the cough.


Chop one onion into thick pieces. Cover the bottom of the feet using coconut oil. Then, place a thick slice into the arch of both feet and cover it up using a one cling wrap. After that just put over the onion/feet a sock during the night, this will help you to take out the toxins as well as the diseases out of the body.

Infections and pain on the ears

All you have to do is to have one onion cut into pieces placed on the parts where you feel the pain but first you will have to take one piece of cloth in order to put the onion and then you will place it on the painful spot, next you have to keep tight the piece of clothes so you can put over the parts you feel the pain a cloth or some other type of clothes, and finally when you feel that the pain has weakened remove it.

It cleans the air

Put pieces of onion onto plates all over your home in order to clean out the air of bacteria and viruses.


Crash 1 either white or yellow onion. Then, squeeze the juice from the onion tied inside a cheesecloth. After that, prepare one very powerful cup of peppermint tea and leave it like that to cool down. Consume 2 teaspoons of the juice of onion and hold on for about 5 minutes. You should consume 2 teaspoons of the cool peppermint tea and again to hold on for approximately 5 minutes. Continue using this juice made of onions and the peppermint tea but stop whenever you notice that the signs have weaken. Vomiting is supposed to stop in that exact moment and the nausea is supposed to stop in approximately 15 minutes.


Cherokee Indian recipe for colic babies: Put some of the crushed yellow onion in water and put it on the oven. Next thing is for the onion to become cold and only after that you will empty out the liquid. One teaspoon of the tea made of onions to the baby each hour is enough, however you have to stop when you notice that the baby begins to feel better.

Not very common uses of the onions:

  • Boiled and cooled onion juice placed over the plants pushes away pests
  • Onion juice put into the hair points out growth
  • Putting a sliced onion on you in order to forbid appearance of freckles
  • Put a sliced onion on you to push away bugs
  • Put an cut onion in the face of an iron in order to stop rusting
  • Polish copper and glass using an onion piece
  • Onion juice pushes back moths

The Native Americans have used onion when they had problems with flu and colds, so they used this in order to feel better that is why this exists for such a long period of time. The miraculous effects of this vegetable in cases such as reducing respiratory infections, bronchitis, congestion and coughs have been praised by the World Health Organization as well.

Well, it is very easy to notice that the onion is useful and the remedies made from onions have been used for centuries. And it is considered to be a very well trusted, proven medicine for a lot of illnesses

In order to obtain an excellent health. Just use some of these natural onion medicines in those moments when you don’t feel good at all.

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