A Cancer Destroyer Better Than Chemo By 10 Times Stronger

There is a fruit from guyabano/Graviola tree (Sour Sop tree) and is known to be a great cancer destroyer. It can be even better 10.000 times more than Chemo.

And you might wonder why this is unknown. Because big firms don’t want to lose money and make less profit because a medicine is known out in the open.

The juice soursop can be consumed as a healthy choice but still the taste is just regular. For those with gardens and yards, plant it right now.

Sadly, billions have died from cancer and the medicine is out there, but hidden from deep-pocket greedy people.

The tree is called Guyabano/Graviola and it is from Brazil. In English is soursop and in Spanish is guanabana. It is a short low tree and the fruit pieces are really large. It has a whitish pulp that is sweet and used for making juices, sherbet or other sweet things.

This plant is anti-cancer in benefits and properties. It also cures other issues and tumors too. But, this plant is a prevention or cure for already affirmed types of cancer (all of them).

This graviola tree is also good as antimicrobial and antifungal plant, it resolves bacterial infections and removes worms and parasites. Also cures depression, anxiety, stress and hypertension.

Basically this plant is easy to be promoted; in the deep forests of the Amazon it grows and it changed the lives of millions of people with cancer.

The study on this plant stated it can be used for:

  • Deadly infections that impair immunity
  • Cancer cells that didn’t respond to therapy that caused hair loss, nausea and weight loss
  • Better mood and life outlook and more energy
  • Health and strength

These information all come from the biggest drug corporations in America. The fruit was examined ever since the 70’s so far and other results also can be added:

  • Destroying and removing malignant cells of 12 cancer types (colon, breast, prostate lungs and pancreas)
  • The tree ingredients are 10.000 times better and stronger than chemo medicine Adriamycin.
  • Chemo kills even healthy cells not just cancer affected ones. This tree attacks only cancer and leaves the healthy cells intact.

Various parts of this tree (leaves, fruit, bark, roots and seeds) are used for a long time by native Indian cultures and medical experts in South America for problems like: arthritis, heart issues, asthma and liver problems. The wealthiest billionaires drug makers in USAmade another study for cancer cure and examined this Graviola from the Amazon.

These drug makers   have spent 7 years for this anti-cancer examining of the tree. If they could make similar meds like the Graviola, why not actually patent the discovery and have back the profit?  But, this company couldn’t make profit back from the research.

Their goal slowly diminished and they made the decision not to make this discovery public and forgot about this aim.

However, one of the team experts made a career risk and called a company that gathered medicine plants from the rainforest in Amazon.

When Health Sciences experts were warned for this Graviola tree they got even more excited to examine it even more.

In 1976, the National Cancer Institute had the first study on this topic and its results were that Graviola stems are great for removal of malignant cells. So, the results got published in small reports and hidden from the rest of people.

Graviola is unfriendly to the cancer ever since 1976 and 20 medical tests confirmed this. There was even a study from Journal of Natural Products and it said that in the Catholic University of South Korea was found one Graviola chemical that kills colon cancer 10.000 times better than the Adriamycin. The best fact is that Graviola only targets the sick cells and not the healthy too.

The last study was made in Purdue University and it stated how Graviola leaves attack and kill cancer or precisely the lung, prostate and pancreas cancer.

Source and image source: beautyhealthpage.com