What Type Of Woman Are You According To Your Birth Month?

Type of woman according to birth month

Read bellow and find out more..

See your birth month and see the personality traits too.

  1. January– ladies in this month are conservative and serious, but have ambition too. Also, they can criticize a lot and hide their feelings. They talk with people of their same intellect and life views.
  2. February– they are patient and sensually romantic. Also fast mood changing and hard to understand. They think in abstract ways and don’t even think of cheating, otherwise they’re gone.
  3. March-charm and charisma is for these women. They are loyal and responsible. They don’t fall in love easily and are the perfect roommate.
  4. April– they talk and hang out easily, but also feel pity for themselves. If angry, just leave them be. With these girls, you will be the happiest person there is. Once the trust is lost, give up.
  5. May– this woman is determined and loyal. She has high principles and standards and is dangerous if you fall in love with her. They are hard to forget!
  6. June– they are curious, talkative and creative. Speaking comes before thinking and if you backstab them, it’s a mistake. Be open and direct.
  7. July– pretty, honest, smart and sensitive, they are polite and really dislike conflicts. They are easily lost forever and once you cheat, they don’t forget.
  8. August– they are really egoistic and with a good heart, which is contradictory. Don’t mess with them, they always win. They have great humor sense and don’t like jokes about them. They need to be center of every attention and always want men to give them this attention. Men actually lose sanity over them.
  9. September– disciplined, pretty and kind. Never forgive and need long, serious relationships. Also vindictive if you do them wrong. They expect a lot and are critical. If you prove yourself, you get her.
  10. October– they are strong and never cry in public. Even very emotional, but hard to open up. Other women envy them all the time.
  11. November– they see through lies and always think ahead. Never play with them and if you want the truth, they will even give more than you want.
  12. December– they are impatient and lucky too and can save any complex situation. They lift others’ mood and have a        good heart. Easily hurt, but God gives them luck.

Source and image source: gofitstayfit.com