Doctors Never Say Why Urinating In Shower Is Advisable -4 Reasons!

Saving the planet

This can actually save our planet believe it or not- the Environmental Protection Agency from USA said urinating in shower means 27% less water flow since you don’t flush.

Wounds disinfection

Disinfection of wounds.. for any scars or scratches and similar, urine will soothe the place and disinfect it. Clean it and relieve any remaining pain in the area. If you have open wounds, DOCTOR visit only.

Skin care

Skin care- urine is good for eczema curing and rash too. The urea is active ingredient in the urine and also in many creams or lotions/oils! It is good for balancing the pH and nurtures dry skin.

No fungus

No fungus- the urine will cure fungi and infections in toenails and feet. Urine must touch that affected area. Results are wonderful and skin is improved.