What Does The Butt Shape Say About The Health?

The size or shape of your butt can actually diagnose the health! This fat storage is not useless as people say fat tissues are, read more to know why.

Experts said that the fat can say a lot about us and our health. The fat near the chest and upper parts is really unhealthy compared to hips or butt.

Try to avoid and keep away the fat acids from the arteries, heart and liver. That way you reduce risk of heart problems and diabetes too. Our body stores either in the butt and hips, or the chest and belly. For women is harder since hormones switch all the time, but also those hormones send the fat to the butt and protect chest and heart that way.

Also it is a fun fact that people with bigger butts might be more intelligent.

Women with bigger butts had less bad cholesterol and had more hormones that leveled sugar. That meant more omega 3 fats and better brain work. If omega 3 fats are higher the brain is healthier.

Big butt is not a bad thing per se and you can try some things to reduce it and give a better shape to the butt.

A challenge for a better butt:

Square type of butt is with fat on the hips or love handles too. Or less workout and more fat deposits there. Core workouts and glute workouts are perfect for this area.


A round butt is nice and healthy and it means some fat storages are in the top glute parts.


Heart shape– the best and most wanted shape. This but is round and full at the bottom and less full upwards. Also, this type can be slimed easier as you age. With time it transfers the fat to the middle section but not all the way up.


V shape– usually older women have this shape since the bottom fat has moved upwards and the body has less estrogen to store the fat down. To remove this shape keep the heart healthy and workout.


The solution for everything is being healthy, having a good diet and WORKOUTS!

Source and image source: myhealthylifeguide.net