6 Signs Of Heart Attack. See Them A Month Early

The main death reason in USA is the heart attack with overall 25% of cases. 3 things can cause the heart attack: smoking, hypertension and cholesterol.

The CDC Center for Disease Control and Prevention stated that another five can be added here; alcohol, not working out, bad diet, obesity and diabetes.

One half of these attacks is out hospitals and to overcome it is to recognize the signs and detect them. A 2005 study of CDC said 92% had discomfort in the chest as first sign. Only 27% were aware of this and called an ambulance.

The signs of heart attack:

  1. Chest pain- the most clear sign and can appear different every time. Some feel like a pinch or burning and some pressure. This can be while you sit, eat or workout. If you feel this, ask help. Women on the other hand have heart attacks even with no such signs.
  2. Tiredness- another cause is being fatigued all the time and that is due to arteries closed up. You feel really tired and you might feel need for frequent naps in the day and more sleep at night.
  3. Long lasting cold- if you have such flu cold symptoms you might want to check this. It means the blood leaks in the lungs and the heart cannot pump enough. Also see for pink whitish mucus in the cough. It might be because of the blood leaking.
  4. Swelling- veins swell and get bloated since the heart cannot pump fast enough. Swelling spots are; legs (far of the heart), ankles and feet too. Also, you must see for blue tint (peripheral cyanosis) in extremities and lips as well.
  5. Dizziness- the brain fails to get enough oxygen since the blood is around the weak heart only. This is really vital and crucial so take care for this sign. Also, you might be dizzy often.
  6. Short breaths-the heart and lungs work together unified and if the heart is weak the lungs lack oxygen. If you breathe hard, seek help and therapies.

All such signs can even show up a month before the attack happens. See them in time to ask help before a disaster happens. Keep your health by preventing.

Source and image source: naturalhealthyteam.com