Touch Toes Ends And See If You Have Heart Issues Or Not

This is a simple method for checking the heart health.

Some studies, recently, showed how people that reach and touch toes easily, have a good heart.

For this, get on the floor and sit. Stretch the legs apart and toes upwards. Touch the toes or at least try. If you even move the whole torso to the toes you are really healthy and also flexible.

This study was made in USA and had 526 people participating. Age target from 20 to 80.

When it was over, all the people that had heart problems could never touch the toes. There was a connection between artery elasticity and the body, and those over 40 manifested this.

Touch Toes

Do this to check. If you sit straight or even stand and bend, you are healthy. Otherwise, check the heart and follow its health.

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