Remove Skin Tags, Warts, Moles, Blackheads And Spots In Natural Way

At certain age in life we have skin issues and problems like skin tags, moles, warts and big pores and blackheads too. They are mostly due to hormones imbalance and unhealthy lifestyle.

No doubt, we have on the market many skin cosmetics and products for this that clear up the skin and make it glowing. But, not many are effective and they are not cheap.

So to avoid these chemical cosmetics and save money, you can use natural ways. They are homemade, healthy and effective and give good results. They also make skin far better than before.

Try these for the following problems:


They appear almost always in both young and older people. They are basically groupings in small patches of melanocytes or skin pigmentations and are due to sun and genes.


Garlic or its extract is really good for removing moles. Before using it, protect mole surrounding skin with petroleum jelly or tape. Then apply garlic or pressed garlic on the mole, cover it and with the bandage leave it for 4 hours. Do it daily.

Baking soda and castor oil

Make this mix for a nice paste and apply on moles. Cover with bandage for the whole night. In the morning remove this and rinse. Do it daily at night.

AC vinegar

This one is wonderful. Soak one cotton piece in the ACV and apply. Put bandage over it and leave it for 8 hours, the mole will become blacker and fall with time.


These are due to HPV human papilloma virus and look like little bumps of mucus membranes. Mostly, they are cured with freezing or salicylic acid. Some people even use duct tape but try these for HPV:

  • Bananas– the easiest simple way. Rub the wart at night with peel of banana for 2 weeks in a row.
  • Raw honey– rub some honey on it every night and put a bandage. This way you remove the wart and prevent coming back
  • ACV– apply only at night and use a cotton ball. Put bandage over the cotton and leave for 24 hours. Then put a new one and replace. The wart shrivels and disappears.
  • Garlic– garlic juice or just crushed clove; it works in just 2 weeks. Use a bandage of course and dot his 2 times daily.

Skin tags

They are growths on the skin that appear suddenly and mostly on the chest, neck, eyelids and armpits. They are caused of rubbing the skin on other skin. You can tie them off, cut them or freeze, but these ingredients can also help:

  • ACV– a cotton ball is soaked in ACV and squeezed for excess. Put on the skin and leave limitlessly. In a few days the tag is gone.
  • Tea tree oil– soak cotton in water and put a few drops of this oil. Dab the cotton and put bandage on the skin. Do it 3 times per month and it will take some time so be patient. This is by the way safe for the eye area.
  • Castor oil and baking soda– this mix is great for tags so just make a paste. Mix the two and apply on the skin tag with bandage again. The paste is to be refrigerated for 2 whole days. Repeat 3 times a day.

Dark spots

These spots come with age and are like discolorations. Mostly on face, forearms or hands. It is not clear why they appear but it might be age or sun for the most part. Also, liver issues is not excluded. These are the cures:

  • Lemon– lemon is a brightener and a bleacher. Just soak cotton ball in this and rub twice daily.
  • Aloe Vera– another good method. Take fresh aloe and put on the spots for 30 minutes. Use only inner gel from fresh plants and even house plant Aloe Vera!
  • Onion– onion can be blended or juiced and this is put on the area of skin. Leave for 15 minutes and rinse. Do this twice a day.
  • Horseradish– just mix vinegar and horseradish and apply to the dark spot. It will fade.
  • Vitamin C serum– organic and chemical free serum is amazing. It is used topically and eliminates dark spots while it rejuvenates aging skin.

Clogged pores

They are made of oil buildups on skin that make skin bumpy and uneven. It is not serious but esthetically not appealing. Do this:

  • Sugar scrubs– exfoliate all the time to cleanse pores and make skin shiny. Make a sugar and lemon paste and rub with hands or cotton ball. When doe, wash the skin and put lotion.
  • Steam– the best and amazing way to cleanse skin pores. Wash the face and bend over some steam from pot with water. Put towel on the head to capture steam and sit while you can. After 15-20 minutes wash the face and apply ACV for extra cleaning.

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