Put The Following Two Ingredients In The Shampoo And You Can Say Bye To Loosing Hair Once And For All!!!

How your hair looks like gives a lot of boost to your looks as well as gives a lot of information regarding your health.

On the market there are plenty of various hair care products which tell you that they are able to make longer your hair, however at the end it turns out that their results are barely noticeable and they do not fulfill their promises. Moreover, these products have the ability of causing problems to your health, because a bunch of these hair products are filled with poisonous chemicals which are able in creating too many problems instead of making your health better.

Well, now in these modern times you have the possibility to make your hair stronger, the broken and lose hair by using just three ingredients with natural origin, when you put them in the shampoo you are using every day.  This DIY recipe which is prepared at homes, is very cheap, extremely effective and very simple and easy to make.

This is the recipe for hair growth

These are the necessary ingredients:

Vitamin E capsules — 2 (it is amazing in fighting hair loss)

Lemon essential oil — 10 drops (it makes the scalp and hair fresh but also it gives out antiseptic characteristics)

Rosemary essential oil — 10 drops (it is amazing because it provides the hair with stronger characteristics and increases the flow of the blood)

A natural shampoo — with a neutral pH level

How to prepare it:

So, just take your regular neutral pH shampoo and put 2 vitamin E capsules after that put the 10 drops of the essential oil of rosemary and lemon.

After you put the ingredients, shake the shampoo and there you go you will have your own miraculous shampoo for hair growth.

How to use it:

You have to use is each time you wash your hair.

After you wash the hair, put the recipe on the hair and make a massage carefully going through the hair as well as the scalp. The massage should last for approximately 10 minutes.

Also, make sure that the recipe is in the hair and also the scalp for approximately 10 minutes.

When this period passes carefully and deeply wash the scalp and hair using warm water.

…and basically that is all!

The recipe is able to make better the blood circulation in the scalp, but also to make stronger the hair roots, because in this way the hair receives a quick stimulation and begins with its growth at the same moment.

Go out and prepare yourself at home this DIY perfect for hair growth right now, believe me you would not regret it!

Source and image source: healthyfoodstar.com