What Is The Best Way To Cure And Treat Iron Deficiency Related Anemia


Do you ever have the sense of being too tired and fatigued? Do you ever feel some pain in the chest area? or your hands and feet are too cold, or maybe you feel dizzy? Do you notice that your skin is pale or having yellow color? Well, if the answer on all of this questions is yes, then it is very likely that you may be anemic. People from Mayo Clinic, say that a person has the condition of anemia when that person is lacking red blood cells with good health, because they are used in order to provide the necessary amount of oxygen that has to go through the body. All you have to do is to visit your doctor and make a simple blood test because the test will give you the information if you are anemic or you don’t have that type of problems.

Well, now I think you will be able to understand what a serious disease it is, the anemia. Fortunately, anemia is most of the time formed because of a certain type of deficiency, however it can be treated with a simple diet. Probably, the reason for this situation is the reduced level of iron or vitamins. There are several situations in which the anemia represents a sign of a chronic disease such as let’s say: Crohn’s disease, cancer or HIV Crohn’s disease. Females which are in the process of pregnancy or menstruation have even bigger chance of having to deal with anemia.

  1. Dates. Dates are full with iron and vitamin C. These are actually the most important elements for the process of iron absorption. They always point out their positive effects. Also, we have to say that they possess a huge amount of fiber and antioxidants. Furthermore, the best thing to do is to combine them with food from Middle East and India.
  2. Giving a complete massage on the body: The main thing about anemia is that oxygen is not passing in the body as it has to. In order to make better the circulation. Have a massage with a professional or you can ask also your boyfriend/girlfriend to massage you. Oils like mustard, coconut and olive are extremely god and give you a lot of help in improving the circulation, according to Home Remedy Shop.
  3. Massage on the feet and hands. Alt MD explains that in Traditional Chinese Medicine, professionals give this type of massage on both the feet and hands. Because they want to improve the circulation of the blood formation inside the spleen. And to increase the complete flow of energy inside the body.
  4. Chives are rich with vitamin C and iron. Holistic Online says it is good to eat this the whole time. Plus, they are great when combined with eggs and goat cheese.
  5. Apple. You know how people say: “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”. There are several situations in which this saying is completely true. According to Home Remedy Shop, apples are full with iron. This is the main reason why they are a perfect snack food for people who deal with a disease like anemia.
  6. Pomegranate. It is filled with vitamin C, magnesium, and calcium. The seeds that are part of this historic type of fruit are capable of providing miraculous effects to people who fight against anemia. The Health Site suggests consummation of these seeds as well as consummation of a juice made of pomegranate each week.
  7. Beets. The bees are a type of a dark red vegetable. Which is known because it represents a vegetable which has one of the biggest amounts of iron. Opposite to other vegetables. Their taste is amazing when they are roasted or when used in a salad. But also when they are squeezed in order to prepare a cold juice from beets, according to Home Remedy Shop.
  8. Honey. Ah, the sweet, amazing honey which is doing miraculous things because it is capable of getting higher the formation of hemoglobin, according to Home Remedy Shop. However, also it has a huge quantity of iron, manganese, and copper, these are all extremely essential in increasing the healthy red blood cells.


Anemia is capable of producing extremely serious problems such as severe tiredness. As well as heart issues, according to Mayo Clinic. This represents the main reason why people who have problems with anemia are obliged to consume a diet full with iron and vitamin. The medicines which can be prepared at your home. The ones we mentioned previously are actually the first thing that people are supposed to do. In order to have an extremely good overall health.

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Source and image source: remedydaily.com