Grow An Avocado Tree In A Garden Pot. Tutorial Included

The avocados are the amazing summer fruits. If you make guacamole or slice it for salads, save the pits to make trees of them!

This pear shape fruit is tasty and rich and great as addition to almost every meal. The trees are seasonal and can be destroyed by cold weather and frost. So, north gardeners have to learn some tricks to grow this fruit themselves.

  1. Extract seeds- remove the pit of the fruit without cutting and wash it from the fruit remains. You can soak it in water a few minutes and scrub off remains. Do not remove the brown coat of the pit, that is the seed shield.
  2. Pierce it- some pits are oblong and others like spheres, still the regular pit has a bottom ending, where roots emerge later. This pointy end is the top and the flat is the bottom. Now to get the pit sprouting, place the bottom in water, so this means carefully see which is which end before you pierce the toothpicks in.
  3. Soak seeds in water- leave the bottom in the water and wedge the toothpicks firmly inside. Stick them at an angle facing downwards to get more base in water. When this is done, place in a glass.
  4. Sprouting of seeds- in 3-6 weeks the avocado top will split slightly and a small stem will appear from the top. The base will show roots. When the stem is 5-6 inches, pinch the primary leaves. After 2-3 weeks, leaves will blossom and more roots will appear.
  5. Sprout trimming- when the sprout is 6-7 inches, trim in halves and promote new growth.
  6. Planting- place rich soil in a big flowerpot, 8*-10* across. Fill soil up to 1 inch from the top of pot. Make a small dent in the middle and here put the pit with roots down facing. Add water to the soil so that is moist enough.

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