If You Want Beautiful Skin And Hair Then Here You Have 8 Reasons Why You Should Use Baking Soda In Order To Obtain This!

Each person has the wish to attract people’s attention by having beautiful looks. People tend to give out a lot of money on cosmetic products and treatments which usually do not have huge results. So, in this case people should pay much more attention to some natural medicines that have the ability to make better the skin, hair and teeth.

Several of these medicines, such as baking soda, it is found in every household. Baking soda is able to provide miracles for our looks. It is not expensive at all, plus it is an easily found option. In order to keep your beauty intact just read and follow the following advices:

Exfoliates the skin

Baking soda is able to make an amazing job by exfoliating your skin. A bunch of experts suggest that baking soda when used as an exfoliator eliminates the dead skin cells and gathered dirt with success. Make a mixture of one part of water together with three parts of baking soda, then put the mixture on any area you want on the skin. At the end, clean it with warm water and use your favorite moisturizer.

Cleans the hair

Baking soda cleans the hair very well. Prepare a mixture of 1 spoon of baking soda used together with your favorite shampoo and put it on the hair, then massage carefully. Let the mixture stay like that for approximately 10 minutes and after that wash it off carefully. .

Moisturizes elbows and knees

The elbows and knees mostly during winter become very dry, so baking soda is the perfect solution to moisturize them. Add some amount of baking soda in your moisturizer and make a massage on the dry part in order to eliminate the rugged edges with great effect.

Makes the hand softer

Prepare a paste using baking soda and water, then put it apply it on your hands to make them tender and eliminate the dead skin cells.

The teeth become white

Baking soda is much better and is performing an excellent work in making the teeth white in contrast to any commercial product which assert that they can whiten the teeth. For this recipe you will need baking soda, water and some salt, you will use this as an everyday toothpaste not the commercial one. Also, use this to obstruct bad breath from appearing, by simply gargling the mixture.

Neutralizes smells

Place baking soda at every corner of your home in order to remove smells. Plus, with this you will be able to remove the smell of the underarm. Prepare a paste using baking soda and water, then put it at the underarms to remove the bacteria that creates the smell. Also, you may use this mixture as a scrub in order to eliminate the little black spots that appear when you use antiperspirants and deodorants.

Fights acne

Baking soda cures with success and in a very effective way the pimples and blackheads on the skin. Make a mixture using baking soda with lemon. Afterwards put it the paste on the parts which are affected the most. This treatment should be used during the nights. Due to the fact that the lemon is able to ruin your skin if it is placed to sun-rays.

Calms the feet

Baking soda it represents an amazing way to calm your feet after a very long day of work. It makes them more relaxed, plus it eliminates the dead skin cells that can be found on the skin. Into a big container prepare a mixture by putting three tablespoons of baking soda with water and put the feet in it. The mixture is able to calm the feet as well as to keep their health.

Source and image source: healthyfoodworld.net