Results From Long Hidden Study Have Been Recently Discovered: The Following Seeds Eliminate Cancerous Cells

A research from the British Medical Journal was published which expressed one of the ugliest health fraud that has been murdering people for a long period of times. We think about chemotherapy. Pharmacy and medicine are allegedly trying to provide cure to people, instead of murdering them or making their health even worse with the usage of drugs. Dr. Hardin B. Jones from the University of California, Berkley, is a senior professor teaching medical physics and physiology, he agreed that chemotherapy is not functioning after making researches about the life expectations of patients suffering from cancer for 25 years. He defended his opinion by expressing that patients who used chemotherapy died quicker and have had a lot more painful death.  Plus, he pointed out that he saw such case.

The Seeds

On the other hand, when it comes to ‘drugs’ taken from the nature, they are completely different. Due to the fact that they give excellent effects, plus do not have any side unnecessary effects. This type of subversive medicine has been kept away from the public as a confidential information. Because of its very strong possibility to destroy cancer within 48 hours. No matter whether the cancer is in progress form or not.

The University of Kentucky made a study in regards to the usage of properties of grape seed extract. They found out that the seeds have the ability to provoke the death of 76% of leukemia and cancer cells in just 48 hours. Plus they explained that the tests have been performed in laboratory. The journal of the American Association for Cancer Research, expressed the results from the study. Presenting, that grape extract seed provoke the elimination of leukemia cells by including the protein that is known under the name JNK. This protein what does is to keep the elimination of the malignant cells continual.

The cancer industry is yelling about the pandemic of this apparently unbeatable disease. And the way in which it extends unconfirmed scare of death. And in the meantime the science has accessible researches and studies to give to the people that point out that cancer is not threatening anymore. And that death is not the end result as well. Of course it has to be cured with violently and to be very effective.

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