Remove Uric Acid Crystallization To Remove Gout And Joint Pain

The gout is a health problem when uric acid is crystalized in the tiny small bones in our joints and feet. This acid when accumulated causes gout since the body cannot remove the extra uric acid.

This acid is a result of purines i.e. organic ingredients that are also in many foods too. The gout goes along with high acid levels in the blood or hyperuricemia. But, only a bit percent of patients actually develop the gout.

There is good news: we have many ways that remove gout and they are natural. Firstly, do immediate diet changes and lifestyle changes too. Eat a lot of fruit, vegies, grains and meats. Then, avoid always saturated fats, alcohol or sugars. Drink loads of water to be hydrated always and remove toxins as well. Not just water, natural sugar-free juices, tea, and watery fruits. Lastly, NO STRESS or at least reduced.

Now, these foods below can prevent gout or even be as a cure:

  1. Flaxseed- these seeds lessen the serum uric acid.
  2. Bromelain- this is an enzyme found in a pineapple and it is like analgesic. Also it is anti-inflammatory.
  3. Turmeric- the turmeric is anti-inflammatory and stops gout to develop further since it protects renal areas.

Natural tonic recipe for gout

Lemon water- the lemon is sour, yes, but it can alkalize when it is metabolized stops a lot of problems, and gout is one of them. To drink this everyday stops development of forming uric crystals of the acid. To stop gout or prevent it, squeeze 1 lemon in 200 ml water and drink before a meal.

  1. Baking soda- this ingredient is prophylactic and removes extra acid. To stop gout, mix ½ tsp baking soda in a water glass and drink in the morning. To cure gout, use a full big spoon of this.
  2. AC vinegar- this vinegar is alkaline a lot and dissolves well the uric acid. Also it dissolves it, but removes it too. Just mix 1 tbsp ACV in 200 ml water and drink daily before lunch or dinner.

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