An Old Cure Recipe For Back, Knee And Joint Pain That Works In Just A Week!

Many people have pain in these areas and it is common, especially older people.

Luckily, we have help from diet regimes and believe it or not it is GELATIN.

Many studies showed gelatin influences inflammation and pain from osteoarthritis, the most painful one of this type.

To add, gelatin cures rheumatoid pains, arthritis and osteoporosis while it makes the bones stronger, and joints, fingernails too. It makes hair healthier and injuries from stress relieved.

Even it can have a benefit like therapy for ulcers – ulcers of anxiety and stress causes.

This simple diet ingredient can be really healthy for you and the best part is NO SIDE EFFECTS.

This is the preparation:

Old cure remedy from gelatin

From any shop or market, purchase 150 g gelatin (edible) and this is enough for 30 days.


  • 2 tsp gelatin powder or 5 g
  • ¼ cup water, cold


Mix the gelatin and the water at night and let it sit on the counter the whole night. It will turn to see-through jelly which can be mixed with yogurt for breakfast or honey and juice. Do this mix daily for a month and see pain reducing.

Also, for even better outcome add some anti-inflammation spices; cayenne pepper, turmeric or ginger to the jelly.

How and why it is effective?

A lot of doctors say gelatin makes bones stronger and joints too since it has collagen – the element that rejuvenates tissues in bones and cartilages.

Ina study of 2000, there was a meeting between Academy of Family Physicians, in Dallas. There were 175 patients responses recorded, they all had osteoarthritis  and daily they took gelatin supplement, calcium, vitamin C and they reported great success and less pain, along mobility increasing.

Also, gelatin helps in stomach ulcers, according to Russian experts. The gelatin itself has amino acid glycine and proline, and these protect the belly lining on the inside/

Turmeric has a lot of COX-2 inhibitor or curcuma as we know it. It is anti-inflammatory and resolves arthritis aches.

If you have these types of pain, or stomach ulcer, think of buying gelatin next time to have more mobility and less of pain.

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