Why They Never Get Sick And What Is Their Secret? They Never Even Heard Of Cancer And Live To Be 120 Years Old!

These people are not some other civilization, but they are different in weird many ways.

They (long life people) live in the mountain Himalayas and are called Hunzas.

The Hunza country has 30.000 populations located in India or precisely Kashmir, China, India and Afghanistan.

These people live to be 120 years old and some even 145. They can still have kids after 60 and never get tumors.

They stick to the rule that we all are what we eat, but in this modern age and days we cannot follow those exact rules. They eat to survive, they don’t live to just eat. They eat 2 meals a day; a big breakfast in the morning and the other meal after the sun sets.

They opt more for fruits, veggies, milk, grains and cheese. No additives of course.

A fact is that it is normal for them to have kids at age 60. Once yearly for 2-4 months, they pause from this diet and eat just juices and apricots.

Experts say this is the perfect recipe for being healthy.

And some researches also proved, the Hunza Valley apricots are maybe the key to not getting tumors and cancer.

Source and image source: forhealthylifestyle.com