LV3 Spot For Acupuncture – Resolves Insomnia!

A lot of US people have insomnia. Let’s face it, life would be amazing if you could just push a button and fall asleep right away. As to, to apply pressure on certain points improves sleep and removes insomnia. The Chinese people have used this method for centuries back and kept themselves healthy in general.

Which points for pressure can help you sleep better?

Many such points are on our body, but only 3 are the best for sleeping. Modern Reflexology says the point called LV3 – Great Rushing is the magical tiny spot. This spot is on the fleshy soft part between big toe and second toe-finger, top side of the foot. Explore IM advises strong pressure here for 5 seconds.

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Not just LV3, names P6 – Inner Gate and K1 – Bubbling Spring for insomnia cures. The P6 is 3 fingers width up from our wrist between tendons. The K1 is found on the foot bottom or the indented center below the foot. For P6 is best to press 5 minutes and release then. K1 is with 30 seconds, released for 5 and then again pressure for 30 seconds. The Dr. Maoshing Ni from advises repeating this process for whole 5 minutes.

Here is the P6 image 

2 accu

And the K1 image too

3 fet poin

What else is there from advise about better sleep?

Not just acupressure, also the National Sleep Foundation gives more tips for less stress and better sleeping. Set a bedtime daily and wake time schedule too. This will become a habit and remove insomnia. To have a relaxation ritual before sleeping is great too. Avoid the daytime naps all the time. Also, at night, no alcohol or caffeine, big meals and cigarettes. Try to relax by yourself, and if you still fail at this switch a room and bed or do something else.

None from this above is a full proof for sleeping, but once you fall asleep, you sleep sound. Follow each advise and try pressure, it is easy and fast and costs nothing!

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