Why Is Good To Sleep On The Left Side?

You probably toss sometimes and cannot fall asleep. A lot of us know why, but still some of us are still in doubts. Are you sleeping better while on back? Or stomach side is better? It turns out that experts say sleeping on the side is the best! Read more below.

A doctor, John Douillard teaches about Ayurveda the alternative Indian medicine and he says left side sleeping is ideal and gives you the best rest ever. Here are the reasons:

1. Breathing and spine

John Essential says if you don’t know what position for sleep is best, choose on the side since the spine is less harmed this way. When you sleep on the back the spine gets a lot of pressure i.e. upper back and hips too so the lower back is suspended and with long term damages. Also, on the stomach sleep is bad for the neck and lower back again. WebMD advises to sleep on the side for best lungs positioning.

2. Digestion

In the specific positioning of the intestines in the belly, the food is processed faster when you are on the left side, as Douillard said for LifeSpa. That way food moves quicker from small to large intestine and finally to the colon. It is advised to do 10 min rest on the left side after a meal to have improved digestion and avoid after meal fatigue.

3. Lymph drainage

Mostly the lymph system is inclined to the left side, Douillard says. And if lymph congestion happens, keep the left side in mind. If you sleep on the left, the gravity bears some pressure from the lymphs further from the spleen or heart – both left sided.

All these facts mean the left side is far superior to other sleep positions, but then again, Dr. Steven Park, a sleep expert says for WebMD that changing positions by force can be bad for the sleeping habits you have. Still, if you have troubles, try this left side position and see if there is improvement.

Source and image source: remedydaily.com