An Excellent Garlic Recipe That Will Help You To Eliminate Your Wrinkles In Just 7 Days!!!

A lot of women across the world give so much money on various cosmetic products, which to be honest do not give such good effects as they are supposed to have. On the other hand, women are totally unaware that they possess the most amazing anti-wrinkle serum which can be found in their kitchen.

Every person is familiar with the fact that garlic is great for the health. And it represents a strong antioxidant, as well as a natural antibiotic. But, have you ever heard that garlic is capable of eliminating the wrinkles?

This is the recipe:

At the beginning in order to make this recipe take 1 garlic clove peel it and mash it carefully. Next, you will put 1 teaspoon of honey and another tablespoon of clay powder. You can find it at any store or pharmacy. Further the mixture has to be stirred. Then the mask will be ready and you can place it on to your face.

Before you start using it this is how you should do it. First of all, you will have to clean the face carefully and in depth. After that the mask should be placed. Then, you may leave it approximately for 20-30 minutes and after the time passes wash the face using lukewarm water.

Also, another thing to do is if you place the mask and leave it during the night, then you will rinse the face when you wake up in the morning. However, if you want to do it like this then be sure to sleep on an old pillow case placed on your pillow.

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