6 Eye Workouts For Better Vision With No Glasses Or Contacts

The vision is worsened when you wear contacts or glasses and to keep eyes healthy you need workouts for the eyes! If you wear glasses/contacts expect worse vision with time.

With a few simple workouts, you can have healthy eyes and vision. These exercises below make the eye muscle stronger and improve the mobility of it, also work the vision brain center.

Read below:

1. Focus

With this you will make eye muscles stronger and keep a healthy vision. Sit on a chair and opposite a blank wall. Put the thumb or a pen in the hand and at 10 inches ahead of the face. Focus for 15 seconds. Then focus on another object 20 feet further again 15 seconds. Then refocus the thumb and do this 5 times.

2. Zoom

2 eeye

With this you adjust the object of focus on distances. Sit and stretch the arm with the thumbs in hitchhike position. When the arm is stretched, focus on the thumb and bring it closer, focus until thumb is at 3 inches to the face. Move it away while the arm is stretched. Do it few times weekly. Instead of the thumb, you can also hold a pencil and move it slowly toward the nose while you follow it with the eyes until it’s unbearable.

3. Figure 8

3 eeye

With this you control the eye moving. Imagine a big number 8 figure on the ground and at 10 feet. Follow it imaginary with the eyes and trace it. Do it clockwise a few minutes and counterclockwise too.

4. Rhythmic eye moving

4 eeye

This makes eyes and hand-eye coordinating better. Test the brain to follow focuses and keep a balance while coordinating. Stand in front of a fence let’s say and see the vertical spaced lines. Focus on some object over the other side of the fence and relax the body. Transfer weight from one to the other foot. Do it for 3 minutes. This round swinging makes peripheral vision better. Focus on object in the distance that is closely on the ground and “sway” for Bar Swings. Keep gazing it and use the peripheral vision to observe surrounding things. Do it for 2-3 minutes.

5. Direction eye workout

5 eeye

Move the eyes in various directions. Stand up and look ahead. Don’t move the head, look on the left and then to the right and focus on something. Move the eyes sideways 5 times and repeat 3 times. Don’t move the head and look down, focus on anything and then repeat 3 times. Don’t move the head and look straight, then down and to the left. Focus again and move the eyes in diagonals up and right. Focus on anything and repeat 5 times. Look ahead and do it again while you look down, to the right and up and then left. Repeat 3 times.

6. Palming

6 eeye

With this you finish and relax the eyes after this. Or just close the eyes in a dark room and be quiet. Rest.

Source and images source: healthadore.com