Put A Few Leaves Of This In The House And Repel Cockroaches

Cockroaches are not pretty and friendly insects, they scare us and are linked to areas of dirt and garbage. It is even creepier if you see them in the bedroom and bathroom. Continue reading to see how to use bay leaves against them..

They live in every world part and can adapt almost anywhere. They survive a lot of things, from radiation to starvation for a month and more. They are omnivores and that means eating both plants and meat and this makes them superinsects.

Besides eating garbage items, in their stool they leave a chemical mark trace and this helps them reach water and food and even find themselves. This makes it easy for them to communicate and locate in certain areas all together. Read about stopping them from getting to your home.

To get rid of these insects, try this trick especially if you have kids or pets.

Powerful cockroach repellent is the bay leaves

These leaves are enemies for the cockroaches, it won’t damage them or kill them but the smell is awful for these insects and they go back. Put such branches and leaves in every corner.

Put 10 such leaves in the garden and kitchen too and also areas where food is near, you won’t bring toxins close to food since this is all natural. Pets and kids will be safe from chemicals too.

Use the fresh bay leaf or take it dry and blend to powder form due to the stronger smell.

Source and image source: healthylifestar.com