A Lot Of People Are Exposed Every Day On The Dangerous Effects Of Mold And The Following Are 14 Early Warning Signs Of Mold Toxicity That Every Person Should Be Aware Of

When you hear the word mold, you probably immediately start thinking of products with expired date or showers in bathrooms which are not clean at all, however this represents an extremely poisonous substance which is easily found  in every corner— plus, believe it or not you are affected by it because you are breathing and ingesting it every day.

The mold is a thing which is very dangerous for people health. It represents a shifting problem, which is able to appear on walls, on floors, and believe it or not in the food we cook at home. People probably are unaware of the fact that molds have the ability to provoke serious issues on their health, and it is able to make you ill.

People are totally unaware of the fact that mold is has the ability to make you feel very painful and affect your health and how many negative effects it has on their bodies. When the mold starts to grow, it is able to literally turn off completely the immune system and begin with numerous effect of diseases which will take months and maybe years to be diagnosed and not telling how long it would take to be cured.

Mold goes against the health and its performances

There are some types of mold which are able to let go of poisonous toxic chemicals which are known under the name of mycotoxins. These mycotoxins have the ability in appearing in every place, let’s say on clothes, furniture, almost at every place in your house. These poisonous toxins go around the body and provoke issues in the joints, nerves, immune system, and many other. Furthermore, they are able to cause changes in the thinking and feelings, and even on the length of the life.

Apart from this mycotoxins, the mold is able to cause allergens and irritants. All of these provoke a lot of issues in the body of people.

Signs of mold toxicity

The signs of mold toxicity are similar to other health problems, and that’s the reason why doctors make mistakes in the diagnoses often. If you don’t have a practitioner who already knows your signs and symptoms of mold toxicity, it is very probable that you will get the wrong diagnose.

Plus, to make the issues even more complicated, the treatment for these type of situations is completely different than the treatment for mold toxicity. And in several situations, it is able to intensify the issue.

The signs of mold toxicity include:

  • Problems in sleeping and mood
  • Headaches
  • Fatigue
  • Joint pain
  • Sensitivity to foods and light
  • Fluctuation in weight
  • Problems with your immune system
  • Blurred vision
  • Numbness and tingling
  • Neurocognitive problems
  • Memory loss/confusion/brain fog
  • Inflammatory problems

Lyme disease, Celiac disease, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome etc. are similar diseases and have the same effects as the mold.

Moreover, if you have a complicated immunity from a mold toxicity, some opportunistic infectious illnesses from the mold have the ability to influence the lungs, skin, eyes and other things as well.

What is the hiding place of the mold?

In Applied and Environmental Biology in 2011 it was published and found out that between 25-28 percent of people in North America now in this moment are having genetically predisposed chances to have negative effects when they find themselves in places with water-damaged like for examples the homes or job places.

The research also revealed that “dampness,” which represents an amazing breeding area for fungi and mold, it is found in almost 50 percent of the households and buildings in North America and that “…fungal growth it represents an issue in 15 to 40 percent of North American homes.”

It is very simple to say that what this means is that specifically people chances in having their home or job place to be an excellent area for mold are 50/50, plus if it is like that, there is almost 40 percent chance people will be affected and have negative health problems as a result!

On the other hand, mold it is also discovered in food. Not all type of food, but the food which has a lot of coffee, wine, nuts, or chocolate.

Each day, people are uncovered when it comes to pesticides, chemicals, bacteria, toxins, and viruses. If the surroundings make people feeling more weak, they probably are suffering from some disease. If people want to feel energetic to have focus, and great health, then they have to remove the mold from their life.

What is the thing that you may do?

The medical environment is completely unaware of how disastrous the mold might become, and about its symptoms. The interest of mold is increasing by every day. Nowadays there are a lot of researches regarding this type of toxicity. First of all, you should get information in regards of this issue. Then examine yourself if you are feeling some of the symptoms. The moment you eliminate the mold, your body is safe in getting back to normal.

How to test the mold

EPA is presenting the best and most famous mold test, known under the name of Environmental Relative Moldiness Index (ERMI). You have to perform the test for mold before you decide to do something.

Consult and work with professional expert for mold

If you discover that your test is positive, try to work with a professional expert who is able to offer you his help in finding all sources of mold. You have to discover the place from which the mold appears. Plus, you are going to have the necessity in using a contractor grade drying system.

Find the most excellent doctor

Search carefully in trying to discover a doctor, or a person who is knows how to solve this issue. You have to think and make the best thing for your body because you will walk over a long process of detoxification.

Give support to your body

Avoid eating food that feed or is consisting of mold, yeast, or fungus. These type of food are sugars and carbohydrates. Plus, you have the chance to add a great supplement that help in the recovery and elimination of toxins. A great supplement for that is Glutathione, which will aid you in the combat against mold.

Always have all the information necessary

Moldy the Movie it is a documentary that people should definitely check. Because there you will learn all the things regarding the molds. Like for example diagnosis, treatment, experience, and other things, from extremely professional experts.

It doesn’t matter if you are suffering from small or also big immune responses. Because any contact with toxic mold always comes expensive in biological terms. People also answer to the things around them and by removing those toxins, they have the possibility of getting their freedom of their biological resources and being able to perform something else in life.

Source and image source: healthiestalternative.com