Do A Sugar Detox, Improve Health And Lose Weight Too

We gain weight because of sugars carbs and fats mostly, but not just that. Another reason for that is sugar. We all eat too much sugar and don’t even know it. All drinks and foods contain sugar; cereal, sodas, juices, yogurt, dressings, desserts. Also, a lot of natural and healthy foods have sugars- raisins, honey, fruits, juices.

If we consume too much sugar, we experience too much weight gain. That causes depression, hyper behavior, fatigue, yeasts, skin problems, cold, migraines and insomnia. In more serious cases a sugar overload can develop cancer or diabetes.

Link between weight and sugar eating

When we eat sugars our bodies use it for energy, but when there is too much and excess the rest is not used and is stored as fat tissue instead.

Remember, natural sugar and added are not the same. The added is harmful since it goes in the intestines, the body recognizes it as some bacteria and raises the levels of sugar. After this, sugar turns to fat around the belly, waist and hips.

3 day diet detox from sugar

  1. Day 1

Breakfast- a cup mixed oats and berries and almonds

Snack- bowl mixed nuts

Lunch- chicken breast with turnips, beets, parsnip, carrot, squash and beans/almonds too.

Dinner- bowl green beans and broiled fish

  1. Day 2

Breakfast- cup mixed oats with seeds, almonds and berries

Snack- bowl mixed nuts

Lunch- cabbage salad and carrots, lemon, olive oil, salt and parsley

Dinner- steamed veggies and beans soup

  1. Day 3

Breakfast- cup oats mixed with berries and seeds/almonds

Snack- bowl mixed nuts

Lunch- roast chicken with rosemary, sage and lemon

Dinner- mushrooms, garlic broth, carrots, onion, thyme, celery and bay leaves

Sugar detox beverages

Detox water- slice orange, grapefruit, blueberries and put all in a jar with water. Refrigerate and sip.

Tea- green tea or any other tea without sugar or sweeteners

Coffee- only one cup, black with no sugar

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