Remove Stretch Marks With Massage And Oil!

We never mention some bad issues and results of postpartum body issues. Like maybe stretch marks. It is not just the morning sickness or swollen feet, but these marks are also unpleasant. Many experts say these are hardly prevented but can be treated better before delivery.

Stretch marks are also known as striae (medicine term) and are thin, stripey and pink/whitish. They are made due to skin tears in the dermis – fiber laden layer under the primary surface.

Fast stomach stretching due to the growing and kicking baby, makes skin tear a bit.

Not only future moms, other people suffer from this to. Dave Grotto of the American Dietetic Association says this is normal for anyone losing/gaining weight and if they didn’t appear with the first baby, it is not a rule for the second baby.

Drier skin has less elasticity and is worse than oily skin. A lot of us noticed these scars fade a bit after some years but still leave a trace. This shouldn’t discourage you to get pregnant – many products will help with this issue.

You probably heard about massaging the body with coconut or almond oil for stretch marks. Pratima Raichur, ND, owner of New York Pratima Ayurvedic  Skincare Spa Clinic said preventing stretch marks is done best by hydration and massage. This repairs skin she stated.

As far as cream or slathering goes, gynecologists advise daily dosage vitamin E in capsule form for massaging! Also, lotions and creams with cocoa butter can firm up the skin, but Raichur says palmarosa oil is even better. This essential oil seeps in the skin (rose hip-seed oil with vitamin C) and repairs surfaces. Other famous such ingredients are calendula, chamomile, sea buckthorn, shea butter, borage, wheat germ oil and arnica flower.

To keep skin nourished drink water and drink 30 mg zinc every day, as to studies it might decrease making of striae.

A study proved that tretinoin creams like Retin-A and Renova, make stretch marks a bit faded, but this tretinoin must be avoided by pregnant women because it MIGHT cause birth effects.

If this massage still leaves the stretch marks untreated, you have to try microdermabrasion, pulsed dye laser, radiofrequency since these remodel and rejuvenate the skin and yes, they can erase stretch marks.

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